“Dead Harvest: A Collection Of Dark Tales (Vol.1) ” Is The Perfect Gift For Horror Fans This Holiday Season

Surely there is SOMONE on your holiday list that is a huge fan of horror right?  Well Scarlet Galleon Publications has put together a horror anthology that will make the perfect gift.  With 690 pages and 50 stories from some of today’s best horror authors, this one will keep you up all night, huddled under the covers with all the lights on.



Each year, as summer fades to memory, and the sky begins to grow dark, and the leaves change color and fall, the faint, fetid scent of death—of slowly rotting things—begins to drift in, hanging on the chill air like a ghostly pall, making us wonder what this year’s harvest will produce. Well…the harvest is here. And it’s dead. With these 50 dark tales—and nearly 700 pages of terror—you will experience fear, depravity, love, and loss. And a kind of chill that won’t soon leave your bones.

DEAD HARVEST is a crop like no other!  Enter the harvest and get lost…

Edited by Mark Parker, this huge trade paperback includes stories from Tim Lebbon, Richard Chizmar, Ronald Malfi, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Jeff Strand, James A. Moore, Tim Waggoner, Greg F. Gifune and many more…

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.26.20 PM

Table of Contents:
1). Autumn Lamb — E.G. Smith
2). Villianwood — Benjamin Kane Ethridge 
3). Learned Children — Ronald Malfi
4). Into the Trees — Tim Lebbon
5). Putting the Ground to Sleep — Bryan Clark
6). The Raincatchers — Greg F. Gifune
7). Crosshairs — Amy Grech
8). Bringing in the Sheaves — Richard Thomas
9). A Knowing Noah — Mark Patrick Lynch
10). Bad Salvage — Wayland Smith
11). The Man with X-Ray Eyes — Richard Chizmar
12). Red Fuel — Jonathan Templar
13). The Hawthorn — Marie Robinson
14). Reaping a Quiet Lunacy — Martin Reaves
15). Ablation — M.L. Roos
16). A Sacrifice for the Soil — Jason Andrew
17). House of Nettle and Thorn — Todd Keisling 
18). Retribution — Dana Wright
19). Extreme Times, Extreme Measures — Andrew Bell
20). Hodmedod — Stuart Keane
21). Nails — Jeff Strand
22). The Flower Dies — Kyle Yadlosky
23). Reunion — Bear Weiter
24). Uncle Sharlevoix’s Epidermis — Gregory L. Norris
25). Husks — Angeline Trevena
26). The Truth — Jeremy Peterson
27). Peter, Peter — Christine Sutton
28). The Old Cider Press — Gregor Cole
29). Katy and the Green Boy — Lori Safranek
30). The Last Harvest — Jaime Johnesee
31). The End — Billy Chizmar
32). Dear Diary — James A. Moore
33). Eaten Un-Alive — David Bernstein
34). Weeper — Tim Waggoner
35). The Mad Doctor’s Bones — Michael McGlade
36). The Guest — Aaron Gudmunson
37). The Field — Sara Brooke
38). Marissa — C.L. Hernandez
39). Mrs. Alto’s Garden — Patrick Lacey
40). The Longing — John Grover
41). Cornstalker — Lori R. Lopez
42). Beyond the Trees — Jordan Phelps
43). The Artifact — Nick Nafpliotis
44). What Lurks Within the Darkest Wealds — Matthew Pedersen
45). The Reaping — Chad P. Brown
46). Seeds of Change — Brian Kirk
47). The Orange Grove — Tim Jeffreys
48). On the Quest for the Crow King — Ahimsa Kerp
49). Harberry Close — C.M. Saunders
50). The Tended Field of Eido Yamata — Jon Michael Kelley


CLICK HERE to order your copy today from CEMETERY DANCE PUBLICATIONS and be sure to lock your doors and sleep with one eye open……


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