Orlando Arocena’s “Mandalorian” Print Shoots First And Asks Questions Later

We were a day late to the game on this one but we are pleased to say that we were just able to get our own copy and we can’t WAIT to hang it on our wall!  What are we talking about? Well yesterday,over on the POSTER POSSE WEBSITE, Posse member Orlando Arocena announced a new Boba Fett print and as soon as we saw it we knew we had to have it.  Titled “Mandalorian” it features everyone’s most feared and beloved bounty hunter.


Here is what Orlando had to say about it over on his OFFICIAL BEHANCE PAGE.

In my hall of fandom- there are only 3 icons I have been a big fan of: Bruce Lee • Batman d0b716cbb06af3b26bf2b8b15a1aa2f1and Boba Fett.  Yes, I remember the animated short from the Christmas Holiday Special where he first appeared and later went crazy when he showed up in the Empire Strikes Back.  

I was such a fan as a kid, that I even mailed in ( < yeah, no internet back in the early 1980’s) for a chance to get this action figure- which would cause a stir with parents because of his rocket firing back pack.  Well, its been a long time waiting and finally happy to pay tribute to him and his ship the Slave I with my pop-deco vector style.

Cheers and enjoy to all you “Dented Helmet” fans out there.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 10.22.58 PM

Lucky for YOU, there are two editions and there are still some of each one left!  Take a look at them below and then go grab one before they are gone.  (I’m off to Aaron Bros. 1 cent sale to grab a frame or two!)


“Mandalorian” by Orlando Arocena

 18″ x 24″ Limited Edition
Archival Giclee
Edition size: 75
Signed: Yes
Ships Internationally




“Mandalorian” by Orlando Arocena

18″ x 24″

METALLIC FOIL Special Edition
Edition size: 15
Signed: Yes
Ships Internationally




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