Threezero Announces Their Pre-sale For Rooster Teeth’s “RWBY” Figure

Fans of Rooster Teeth’s hit anime series “RWBY” are going to LOVE this first collectible figure from Threezero.  Threezero is set to launch a new, museum-quality line of RWBY collectables with the first one being, “Ruby Rose.”


Here is the official statement from the Rooter Teeth Website.

We are so excited about this limited run, museum quality RWBY “Ruby Rose” collectible. First in a series of figures by legendary Hong Kong figure designers Threezero. The collectible Ruby figure features a new body developed exclusively for this line of collectible figures, hand-stitched tailoring, a detailed belt, two different cloaks with a wire trim for positioning, three sets of hands for holding her weapons, a full-sized Crescent Rose, two magazines and additional pieces representing the weapon’s different stages of transformation.

12” / 30.5 cm tall 
Highly Detailed Mechanical design offering realistic posing
Highly detailed, hand painted face and hair
Hand-stitched tailoring
Crescent Rose Scythe
1 rifle with extended and folded stock options 
Magazines (1 detailed and 1 non-detailed)
Belt buckle
3 sets of interchangeable hands (relaxed, fists, and gun battle)
2 interchangeable cloaks (long and short)

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 11.16.47 PM

This limited release will require a $20 pre-order reservation, with the full amount credited toward the $168 price upon release. (Estimated early Summer 2015.) More details about reservation process below.*

Threezero, founded by ThreeA co-owner Kim Fung Wong is one of the original producers of the Hong Kong designer figure style, best known for their gasmask logo (designed by Michael Lau) and its many iterations as a street-smart vinyl figure. Designers whose figures have been produced by Threezero include Michael Lau, Jason Siu and Elphonso Lam.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 11.18.16 PM

Threezero began producing 12″ figures special forces uniforms around 2000. They were then the pioneer in producing weapons for these figures made from die cast. Threezero has since extended their toy ranges from 12″ figures to designer vinyl collectibles.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 11.20.40 PM

Said Monty Oum about the partnership, “When Threezero approached us, RWBY was a young show. I had heard of Threezero and when I looked up their products I was awed by the catalogue of work they had produced. It took a moment to register with me that something I had created could be among the ranks of toy lines like Metal Gear Solid or Game of Thrones. The products are such beautifully crafted artworks, to make tangible some doodles and polygons I’d thrown together in my random fashion is something I could not have fathomed only a few years ago. With the hopes we hold for RWBY as a show and as something many people hold dear, it is a great honor to be regarded among artists from a generation of work that has fueled creations such as this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 11.19.14 PM

*How the reservation works:

Purchase the $20 reservation today, and you will be contacted via email when the figures arrive to our warehouse. At that time, you will have 2 weeks to purchase the figure by paying the remaining $148 (retail price is $168) plus shipping. After the two week period is over, figures will be released for sale publicly. One figure at discounted price per reservation, so if you would like more than one figure please purchase more than one reservation.

CLICK HERE to preorder your “Ruby Rose” figure today.


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