Introducing ZANO: The Autonomous, Intelligent, Swarming Nano Drone

The Holidays have come and gone and we are having a BLAST with our son’s Sky Viper Quadcopter.  Now this unit is for fun but if you want something that is uber-functional then there is a Kickstarter campaign going on that is EXACTLY what you are looking for.  Even though it fits in the palm of your hand, don’t judge it by its size, this thing is highly desirable!



ZANO is being touted by its developers, Torquing Group Ltd., as the world’s most sophisticated nano drone.  It’s autonomous, intelligent, developable and takes aerial photos as well as HD video.  After watching the intro video, we are inclined to agree with them and we REALLY want to test this bad boy out!  We can already think of several ways to utilize them and we gotta get our hands on one!

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This thing looks pretty amazing and has some fantastic key features:

  • Revolutionary Intelligent Flight and Autonomous Operation, complete with Obstacle Avoidance – Don’t fly it. Task it!
  • Lightweight and Durable. Conveniently take ZANO with you wherever you may go.
  • Instant image and video sharing capability to social networks.
  • Digital Image Stabilisation – For clear and precise image and video capture.
  • Safe – Failsafe software features ensures ZANO will always return to your mobile device if it feels its strayed too far, is losing signal or is running low on battery. ZANO will never leave your line of sight!
  • Free Flight Mode – Have complete control of ZANO with on screen Joy-Sticks, while still capturing and sharing photos and videos.


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 2.31.14 PM

One of the BEST features is that it has a complete removable battery system.  (If you have ever had a drone you KNOW this is exactly what you need.)  Aside from some current incredible capabilities, this unit is dialed in for the future as well.  Here is what Torquing Group LTD. has in store:

  • Tracking of a set target through image processing. (“Follow me” capability is available right away through ZANO’s Virtual Tether operation.) 
  • Facial recognition capability 
  • 360 and 180 degree Panoramics
  • Instant imaging editing suite (Image filters, adding text, audio, etc.)
  • Custom LED Pixel Art creation
  • Swarming capability! A user will be able to control multiple ZANO’s from one device, this will enable photographs and video of the same event from Multiple Vantage Points.


The ZANO App will allow for “In-App” purchase of new and exciting functionality and capability for ZANO hardware, as we develop it. Eg. When we release an acrobatic capability for ZANO, this will be offered to you through the ZANO app as an “In-App” purchase.

The ZANO comes in multiple color ways, is mega-functional and has a bright future lined up.  Head on over to their KICKSTARTER PAGE to jump on this one.  There are only a few days left to get in on this one.  We REALLY want the Camo one and we KNOW this would make a perfect gift for someone’s birthday in 2015!


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