Bottleneck Gallery Announces An Terrific Timed-Edition Trilogy Set & “Distant Lands” A Solo Show Featuring Matt Ferguson

We’ve been writing about and sharing the work of Matt Ferguson for the past three years.  He has churned out an impressive amount of work in that time and we can never get enough.  Good news is that recently, Matt was able to leave his “day job” and now commits all his waking moments into creating highly desirable art for the masses.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.25.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.26.06 PM

Matt has just announced a solo show with his long time collaborators, Bottleneck Gallery in NYC.  Called “Distant Lands”, the show will open on March 27th and fans of Ferguson are DYING to see what he has in store.


The whet the appetite of Matt’s ravenous fans, Bottleneck Gallery is offering a timed release  of Matt’s new “Middle-Earth” trilogy screen print set.  These three prints go on sale TODAY, Thursday, January 15th at 12 pm EST.  Take a look and start clearing some spots on your walls because these are awesome.


“The Argonath, long have I desired to look upon the kings of old.”

4 color screen print on French Paper Construction Factory Green

12 x 24 inches



“The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the deep, one last time!”

4 color screen print on French Paper Construction Charcoal Brown

12 x 24 inches



“You cannot hide. I see you.”

4 colour screen print on French Paper Construction Brick Red

12 x 24 inches


There will be a matching number set option you can purchase as well for $100 and a wood variant that will be out of an edition of 30 for $300.

The set will be available from Thursday, January 15th at 12pm eastern until Sunday, January 18th at 11:59pm eastern.  (CLICK HERE at the appropriate time to purchase)


(This is a timed release so the edition of the set will be determined by how many are sold.)

Follow Matt Ferguson on TWITTER to get updates about “Distant Lands.”  You never know when he will give fans a sneak peak at some stuff that will be in the show.  Matt will be flying across the pond to attend the show so if you are in NYC, stop by and say “Hello.


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