Mondo Announces “The Iron Giant” Deluxe Figure Pre-Sale Info & Leaves Fans Saying, “Just Take My Money!”

Back in 1999, director Brad Bird gave us a timeless classic with the animated sci-fi, comedy, “Iron Giant.”  The film stars the voice talents of Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr., Eli Marienthal, Christopher McDonald, John Mahoney and Vin Diesel as the lovable Iron Giant.  (Is it just us or have two of Diesel’s best roles been voice work?)

The Iron Giant 14_x37_ hopko designs

(Image/ poster by Scott Hopko)


Today Mondo has announced the pre-sale info for their “The Iron Giant” deluxe figure and it, as you would expect, is highly desirable.  With over 30 points of articulation and standing about 16 inches high, it also comes packed with great features:


Two interchangeable heads with light up eyes

– Magnets “S” that can be detached from the Seasfood sign and attached to his chest

–  Switch-out “War Arm” 

– Hogarth mini-figure

– A broken girder for the Iron Giant to snack on

Sound Feature with favorite quotes from the film


As an added bonus, or to make the frenzy even greater, there will be a special limited edition that comes with the “Hand Under Foot” accessory which is modeled after the Iron Giant’s detached hand that runs amok in the barn.

Mondo shared the fact that they were recently able to show this amazing figure to Brad Bird at Skywalker Ranch.  Judging by the photos, I’d say he wants one like the rest of us.

IMG_8719c_1024x1024 IMG_8725c_02308684-7816-4f9f-9de4-c4d76b3cc503_1024x1024

This figure is a must-have for fans of the film and will go on sale at a random time on January, 22, 2015.  Follow Mondo on TWITTER for the exact time of the drop and good luck.


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