BAM-BIFF-POW! Geek Art & French Paper Art Club Announce Dave Perillo & Justin Santora Batman Prints

Geek Art and French Paper Art Club, in collaboration with Warner and DC Comics, have been offering up some amazing tribute art to Batman, by some of today’s best artists from around the world.  Florey, Nicolas Delort, Gabz, and Tim Doyle are a few that have delivered exceptional renditions of Batman and today we get a look at new prints by Dave Perillo and Justin Santora.

Here is the official word about these two fantastic pieces.


“Batman The Silver Age” by Dave Perillo

6 colors screen print

Format 12″ x 36″

Limited Edition of 100

Paper: cougar natural paper



A brand new screen print by Dave Perillo will also be realeased, a US artist with a unique vintage and cartoony style that we really love. He says drawing inspiration for his work from 1950’s Sci-Fi Movies, Charles Schultz, Jim Flora, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and many more… And I think those inspirations are quite clear regarding his gorgeous work.

Perillo_Batman-close2-686x455 Perillo_Batman-close4-686x455 Perillo_Batman-close5 Perillo_Batman-close3-686x455 Perillo_Batman-close1-686x455

Justin Santora usualy depicts gorgeous and simple landscapes, sharing serenity, beauty and nostalgia. His prints are complex in process and thought but simple in beauty. He designed the Batcave with the same process. The more you look at it, the more details you see. I just love it, it seems that the Dark Knight just left the room… A gorgeous piece on sale today at a random time on French Paper Art Club



“Batcave” by Justin Santora

9 colors screen print

Format 18″ x 24″

Signed & numbered by the artist

Limited edition of 100

Paper: Cougar 100 lb natural cover



Santora_Batman-close2-686x455 Santora_Batman-close1-686x455


These prints are available now at the links provided above.


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2 Responses to BAM-BIFF-POW! Geek Art & French Paper Art Club Announce Dave Perillo & Justin Santora Batman Prints

  1. Christopher says:

    Great post n thank you for bringing the Perillo print to my attention…sadly it seems to be sold out. It’s a French site, n I saw no info. for English translation/conversion…then again it was hard to see anything thru my tears. Really wanted this. I guess I’ll have to try evilBay.


    • blurppy says:

      There is a translation to english. I think it is in the upper left corner. Perhaps reach out to Dave on TWITTER to see if / when he will be selling his AP copies. He is on TWITTER as MONTYGOG. Hope this helps. We agree, it’s a great piece.


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