Dark Hall Mansion Announces “Snoopy Valentine” By Nicole Gustafsson

Valentine’s Day or as some call it, the “Feast of Saint Valentine”, is a global celebration of love and Dark Hall Mansion has given us something to absolutely fall in love WITH.  To celebrate the holiday, and as part of their ongoing, officially licensed series with Peanuts Worldwide, DHM will be releasing a wonderful new print by Nicole Gustafsson titled, “Snoopy Valentine.”

Dark Hall Mansion Banner

We are huge fans of Nicole’s work and of COURSE we love anything Peanuts related so this is a perfect pairing as far as we are concerned.  As you can see from the process shots, Nicole hand painted the entire image and the end result shares the innocence of Charles Schulz’s beloved characters.  Here are a few words from DHM and Nicole about the release.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.59.11 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.03.42 PM

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Peanuts Worldwide, will release Nicole Gustafsson’s “Snoopy Valentine,” a charming ode to Valentine’s Day by way of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang. Her lovely and subtle original piece is fully painted by hand and is at once all Peanuts and very much Nicole; from the quite impressive cutting skills of everyone’s favorite beagle to the charm of old friends in a most unique setting, it’s Nicole’s touches such as Charlie’s classic zigzag shirt pattern as backdrop or his relaxed and faithful pose awaiting his valentine on a mailbox- shaped handle that not only gently nods at classic Peanuts films like “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” but references one of Charles Schulz’s most poignant and overarching of themes, love, and its endless complexity.


“Snoopy Valentine”

Standard Edition of 280

16″ X 20″ Giclee


“Snoopy Valentine” Canvas Edition of 5 $225 (based on Std colorway)

Nicole was delighted to work on an official Peanuts piece: “Growing up it seems like there was always aspects of Peanuts that were part of our lives. Watching Peanuts TV specials over the holidays and hanging little ornaments of Snoopy and characters on our Christmas tree, or the time I got a really big valentine with Snoopy holding a heart. So when I was asked to create a piece based on Peanuts, I immediately thought of all these fun times I had with my family and friends.”


“Snoopy Valentine”

Variant Edition of 50 

16″ X 20″ Giclee


“Snoopy Valentine” Canvas Edition of 5 $225 (based on Variant colorway)

DHM is most pleased and fortunate to have Nicole and our officially licensed Nicole Gustafsson “Snoopy Valentine” editions will be available in a Standard, Variant, and extremely select Canvas edition of just 10, with 5 canvases based on each colorway. Please see Nicole Gustafsson’s “Snoopy Valentine,” images attached, or please view all on Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook page or on DHM’s Official Blog.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.01.19 PM

All “Snoopy Valentine” pieces are strictly numbered giclee editions and go on sale THIS FRIDAY, January 30, on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated store page at 9:30 AM PST.  All editions will be shipped to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!


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