iam8bit Announces A Stellar Exhibit: “Space Heroes: An Artistic Exploration”

When William Shatner uttered the words, “Space….the final frontier” or when George Lucas had “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” scroll down the screen,  little did they know that these phrases would become the battle cries of geeks and nerds everywhere.  From the small screen with Star Trek to the silver screen with Star Wars and countless other adventures set in the deepest, darkest space, we can’t seem to get enough of the perilous void and the heroes and villains who rule it.

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On Thursday, January 29, from 7-11 pm iam8bit is opening their doors to a brand new exhibit that is sure to take us all to a galaxy far, far away.  Called “Space Heroes: An Artistic Exploration” it celebrates fan-favorite fictional and real-life galactic icons.

The show features art from a star-studded lineup including: Aled Lewis, Alex Griendling, Andrew Kolb, Corinne Reid, Drew Wise, Inus Pretorius, James Gilleard, Jessica Rather, Laura Bifano, Marco D’alfonso, Melissa Haslam, Mitch Ansara, Nan Lawson, Nikkolas Smith, Philip Tseng, Rafahu, Sam Spina and Valeriya Volkova.


Also included will be the work of Poster Posse members Doaly and Rich Davies.  Doaly gives us the improbable “what if” scenario when Star Wars and Star Trek collide and Davies reminds us just how much a babe Jane Fonda was with his Barbarella print.


As an added bonus, iam8bit will also be celebrating the release of the hilarious new book: “The Space Hero’s Guide To Glory: How To Get Off Your Podunk Planet & Master The Universe.”  The books authors, Nick Hurwitch, and Phil Hornshaw will be in attendance to sign your books and talk shop.

Think every space hero was born with an army of laser-firing minions?  Think it’s easy 9781492602996to maintain a healthy rivalry with your arch nemesis?  Think again

Intergalactic News Flash: Even a rookie like yourself can become the next great Space Hero. But there’s more to it than seducing alien babes or swapping one-liners with our first mate. How will you combat the evils of helmet hair? Can you win a no-win scenario? If you want to survive the ‘Verse, you’ve got a lot to learn, Cadet.

The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory is a step-by-step illustrated guide that will take you from home world half-wit to interstellar idol. Filled with lessons gleaned from your legendary predecessors–including Han Solo, Captain Kirk, and Kara Thrace–you’ll learn the difference between laser and phaser, how to assemble a crew of brilliant misfits, and the basic piloting skills to avoid warping your starship straight into a black hole.  So suit up and get reading, Cadet. Space needs its next Space Hero

Come on out to iambit this Thursday, January 29th at 7 pm and join forces with like-minded folks and explore the artistic universe.  iam8bit is located at 2147 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026.


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