Sideshow Collectibles & Hot Toys “Marvel: Avengers Age Of Ultron Artist Mix Series” Will Take All Your Money

Not only will it take all your money but it will leave you with a smile on your face because it is just….that….awesome!  The set includes: Iron Man Mark XLIII, Captain America, Hulkbuster, Ultron Prime, two versions of Ultron Sentry, and a deluxe set which includes Hulkbuster and Mark XLIII (Battle Damaged Version.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.39.09 PM

Feast your eyes on the collection and hear what Sideshow Collectibles has to say about it.  We think you will agree, these are highly desirable.  (Hulkbuster is our personal favorite, what about you?)



Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are very excited to present the new Artist Mix Collection series!  Hot Toys will collaborate with different artists and designers from various spectrums to re-iomagine movie character in a special art form with unique style.





To kick-off the Artist Mix Collection, Hot Toys has joined hands with famous Japanese toy artists Touma and are thrilled to introduce the first series of Artist Mix Figures based on Marvel’s Avengers; Age Of Ultron!



Each Artist Mix Figure has a bobble-head and stands approximately 14cm tall (Hulkbuster stands approximately 20cm tall) and perfectly combines the movie character’s designs with Touma’s distinctive art style!  



hot-toys---avengers---age-of-ultron---artist-mix-figures-designe-121051PREORDER HERE



These figures are expected to ship August, 2015 so use the links provided to secure your favorites.  Personally we can’t WAIT to see what they do with The Vision and the rest of the crew.

Follow Sideshow Collectibles  and Hot Toys on TWITTER to get updates on future sets and more fantastic releases.  Let us know what you think of this first set down in the comments section below.


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