R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Today, at the age of 83, actor, icon, Leonard Nimoy passed away.  Like many, I grew up watching Nimoy on the television series, Star Trek.  His portrayal of the Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock made him a household name.  His signature raised eyebrow, catch phases of “Live Long and Prosper” and “Fascinating” and Vulcan salute, “pinch” and “mind meld” are all synonymous with the character.

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Image by David Moscati


Aside from acting in TV and films, he was a busy voice actor and author.  He was extremely passionate about photography and his work has been exhibited at galleries in his home state of Massachusetts.


I have never heard anyone utter a bad word about the man, in fact, everyone who ever spoke of him did so with reverence and appreciation. When some of his fellow actors would shy away from talking about Star Trek, he was always gracious with fans and eager to speak about it.  There is no doubt that his legacy in pop culture will last long into the future.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.


Syfy will honor the extraordinary legacy of Leonard Nimoy with a special five hour programming salute this Sunday, March 1 from 9AM-2PM (ET/PT), kicking off with his role in an episode of the original Twilight Zone series; his guest star arc on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the final Star Trek original cast movie, Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country.

Following is the schedule for the Leonard Nimoy Tribute

9:00AM           The Twilight Zone/”A Quality of Mercy”

9:30AM           Star Trek: The Next Generation/”Unification: Part I”

10:30AM         Star Trek: The Next Generation/”Unification: Part 2”

11:30AM         Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country


EPIX Pays Tribute To The Life of Leonard Nimoy All Weekend Long By Airing:

Airing on EPIX Friday, February 27th – Sunday, March 1st

A Conversation with Leonard Nimoy
Friday 2/27 – 11:00PM ET
Saturday 2/28 – 5:40PM ET & 10:00PM ET
Sunday 3/1 – 8:00PM ET

DESCRIPTION | Leonard Nimoy shares insights and personal anecdotes from his nearly 50-year involvement with the phenomenon that is Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness
Saturday 2/28 – 10:15PM ET
Sunday 3/1 – 8:15PM ET


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  1. iangoldsmith says:

    He has boldly gone…


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