Dark Hall Mansion & Tom Whalen Are Back With Another Extraordinary Charlie Brown Print

For us, this is the perfect pairing of artist and project.  Charles Schulz’s “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” came out in 1969 and once again, like with his previous Charlie Brown endeavors, Tom Whalen has managed to capture the vibe perfectly.


The pride of McAdoo, Pennsylvania has turned in another impressive offering for one of America’s most popular pop culture icons.  The imagery, color palette and whimsical feel of this print combine in such a way that it pulls at your heart strings and instantly takes you back to your youth.


Here is what Dark Hall Mansion has to say about their latest officially licensed Charlie Brown Project with Tom Whalen, “A Boy Named Charlie Brown.”

Dark Hall Mansion is honored to finally share our first ever officially licensed print release for the 1969 full-length theatrical Peanuts film, “A Boy Named Charlie Brown.” And how exciting is it to have invited artist, Tom Whalen, helming this Charles M. Schulz masterpiece!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.19.20 PM

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Peanuts Worldwide, will release Tom Whalen’s beautiful take on the original Peanuts theatrical film that incorporated so much of Charles M. Schulz’s legendary strip work, and which, for the first time ever, brought his beloved Peanuts gang to movie theaters everywhere for all to enjoy on the big screen. DHM has waited a long time to release an edition for this most special Peanuts classic, and both it, and “Snoopy Come Home,” are very dear to us, so it is indeed most fitting to hand artist Tom Whalen the reins. Having created several beautiful and sold-out Peanuts editions for DHM, it really says something when Tom related he felt this his best Peanuts piece.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.20.25 PM

From its central anchor imagery of Charlie, Lucy and Linus quietly waxing philosophical atop a dandelion covered Spring pitcher’s mound, courtesy the film’s beautiful opening moments, to Schulz’s classic kite-eating tree teasingly poised not too far off, Tom’s composition captures not only “A Boy Named Charlie Brown’s” key moments and elements but its eloquent emotional tone as well. Charlie’s classroom spelling triumph, Snoopy’s “i before e” mouth-harped tune, Springtime baseball dreams with a classic Schulz visual gag inset within sandlot baseball diamonds, Tom then elegantly transitions the film’s arc from small town to big city via his emotional rendering of the Spelling Special bus-after Linus’s emotional handoff of his precious blanket to Charlie for luck-with a singular silhouette of Charlie en route to the nation’s big spelling bee tournament.

ABNCB DVD Still 013

Of course, we’d never leave off credits for Bill Melendez’s pitch perfect direction and Vince Guaraldi’s jazzy Peanuts musical scoring. All this against a palette of Tom’s colors that are at once lovely and inviting, you simply want to join Charlie and friends, stretch out, and let the clouds and your imagination drift by.


“A Boy Named Charlie Brown” Standard screen print, edition of 280 $65

“A Boy Named Charlie Brown” Wood screen print, edition of 10 $250
(based on Standard edition colorway)

DHM’s officially licensed Tom Whalen “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” editions will be available in Standard, Variant, and extremely select Wood editions of just 10 pieces, based on Standard and Variant colorways. Please see Tom Whalen’s “A Boy Named Charlie Brown,” image on Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook page or via DHM’s blog.


“A Boy Named Charlie Brown” Variant screen print, edition of 50 $100

“A Boy Named Charlie Brown” Wood screen print, edition of 10 $250
(based on Variant edition colorway)

All “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” editions measure 18″ x 24,” are strictly numbered and screen printed, and go on sale NEXT THURSDAY, March 12th, on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated STORE PAGE at 9:30 AM PST.

Tom was gracious enough to give us a few moments from his insanely hectic schedule to answer a couple of questions about this fantastic project.

BLURPPY – You are once again reunited with Charlie Brown. What was it about
this film that drew you in for another go at “Chuck”?

Tom Whalen – My previous forays into the world of Peanuts (“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”) were, and continue to be, some of the most commented on and requested pieces that I’ve ever worked on. When given the opportunity by DHM, I jumped at the chance to work with these beloved characters again.

BLURPPY – Well stay with it because you do justice to the character each and every time. What is it about this piece that you feel makes it your BEST Charlie Brown print?

TW – I think, more than anything, the landscape layout (my previous Peanuts posters were portrait orientation), allows for some nice storytelling, especially along the bottom of the design. The space allowed me to showcase a shot from the “Champion Charlie” musical number, which transitions into Charlie’s sendoff as he leaves on the bus to the big city. Finally, we get to see him have his “Charlie” moment during the spelling bee.

BLURPPY – Chuck is the CLASSIC example of “the underdog.” We love the musical aspect that you added to this one. Was that a tribute to the music of Rod McKuen?

TW – The real story behind the music scales is that I needed a visual element that would cleanly separate the upper section of Lucy, Charlie and Linus cloud-watching from the more intricate lower section. But it sounds so much more refined to say it was a tribute to McKuen, so that’s going to be my story from now on.

BLURPPY – Glad to be of assistance. Be honest… LUCY…secretly has a crush on Charlie Brown or is an evil succubus who enjoys thwarting Chuck at every turn?

TW – I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve seen enough of her shenanigans to know better. Succubus.

Finally, I’d like to thank Peanuts Collector Club for debuting this piece. A lot of time and effort went into this design and it’s really great to know that the first folks to see it are die-hard Peanuts fans.


We have to agree with Tom in regards to Lucy…..TOTAL SUCCUBUS!  HUGE thanks to Tom for indulging us in our geekery.  Follow him on TWITTER for updates about future projects and releases.  You should also hit up his OFFICIAL WEBSITE to gaze upon the greatness that is his incredible portfolio.



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