Black Dragon Press Announces Absolutely Stunning “Watership Down” Prints By Peter Diamond

One look at these prints and you will understand our sense of awe.  Today Black Dragon Press gave us a glorious first look at their next release, this time by Peter Diamond.  Here is what they had to say in their press release.


We’re delighted to welcome Vienna-based award-winning illustrator Peter Diamond to our roster with this downright beautiful pair of alternative book covers for Richard Adams’ classic “Watership Down”, produced in collaboration with Nepenthe Productions.

The release consists of two editions: the Ni-Frith (Sun Regular) version is a 9-colour 18″x35″ screenprint from an edition of 150 and is available NOW from the Black Dragon Press shop.


The Fu Inlé (Moon Variant) version is a 9-colour 18″x35″ screenprint with metallics from an edition of only 50. As it is a low run these will go on sale this Thursday March 12th at 3pm GMT (11am EST) so everyone gets a shot at it.

Peter also took the time to talk about the project over on the Black Dragon Press BLOG.

“When I read Watership Down some years ago I already had dim, bloody memories of the 1978 animated adaptation, so I wasn’t shocked by the violence in the book as I expect many were who read it unprepared. But what I hadn’t expected was the thick, dark vein of fear that runs through the story from the very beginning. Adams went deep with it, building an occult kind of mythology for the rabbits including a dark underworld and a heavenly kingdom, represented by the moon (Inlé) and the sun (Frith) respectively.”


Watership Down: Ni-Frith (Sun Regular)

Hand numbered edition of 150
On sale now via our shop
18” x 35”
9-colour screen print
100lb Lynx Opaque
Printed by D&L

“The character who best reflects this is Fiver, by far my favourite in the story. He’s caught between the underworld and the world of the living, and his clairvoyant fear is in some respects the basis for the entire story. The little rabbit in these posters is Fiver, sensing but not quite seeing the danger beneath his feet. In the Regular edition he stands under the sun at mid-day (Ni-Frith), in the Variant under the moon at midnight (Fu Inlé).”


Watership Down: Fu Inlé (Moon Variant)
Hand numbered edition of 50
9-colour screen print with metallics
100lb Lynx Opaque
Printed by D&L

“I’ve introduced other elements from the story as well; the shining snare wires, the spirits of rabbits long since gone in the ground, the spectre of the Black Rabbit Of Inlé, and even the wheels of the steam train and the face of Kehaar. See if you can find them!” – Peter Diamond

(If you purchase both in separate orders any excess shipping costs will be refunded.)

This beautiful prints will go on sale this Thursday March 12 at 3pm GMT.

One thing that will NOT be for sale is this….


Watership Down: Key Line

Don’t even ask about it.  I’ve already BEGGED for this one and they simply hung up the phone.


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