Image Comics Is Ready To Dominate May With “Sons of the Devil”,”Intersect” & “Graveyard Shift”

Image Comics is the brainchild of  Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino.  Fans will be thrilled to hear that they have a ton of awesome planned for the month of May.



SONS OF THE DEVIL follows one man’s discovery of familial ties to a cult. Announced at Image Expo by creators Brian Buccellato (Detective ComicsInjustice) and artist Toni Infante, SONS OF THE DEVIL launches on May 27. Image Comics is pleased to reveal early artwork (not for the faint of heart) for the chilling new series.

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SONS OF THE DEVIL is a dark look at a blue collar 25-year-old orphan who learns he is the son of a cult leader. Akin to True Detective and The Following, SONS OF THE DEVIL is an exploration into the dark side of human psychology. It’s a grounded take on cults that balances the real world with the supernatural. It’s gritty, character-driven, and tonally lays somewhere between SOUTHERN BASTARDS and NAILBITER. Watch the trailer for the new series here.

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SONS OF THE DEVIL #1 hits stores on May 27 and fans will have three covers to choose from by: Toni Infante, Paolo Rivera and Francis Manapul.


Bestselling cartoonist Ray Fawkes (Batman: EternalConstantineOne SoulThe People Inside) pushes sequential storytelling boundaries with his horror-inducing, transcendent tale INTERSECT. The first six issues of the series will be collected into trade paperback and available this May.


Bodies shift and merge, warring with themselves. Blood rains from the skies. A child’s song is translated into toxic, thought-destroying whispers. Everything is changing. Everything is wrong. This is the world of INTERSECT.

INTERSECT, VOL. 1  hits comic book stores on May 20th.


Writer Jay Faerber (COPPERHEAD, SECRET IDENTITIES) and artist Fran Bueno bring readers a new tale of crime, horror, and romance in GRAVEYARD SHIFT. The complete miniseries will be collected into trade paperback and available this May.


Liam and Hope are deeply in love, but when Liam attempts to arrest a serial killer who turns out to be a vampire, he incurs the wrath of the vampire’s brood, who retaliate by turning Hope into a vampire. GRAVEYARD SHIFT follows Liam and Hope as they try to cope with her new “condition,” while trying to bring down the other vampires once and for all.

GRAVEYARD SHIFT (ISBN: 978-1-63215-375-3) hits comic book stores on May 20 and bookstores on June 2

Head over to IMAGE COMICS OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see everything else that they have going on and follow them on TWITTER for updates on upcoming releases.

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