Dark Hall Mansion & Dave Perillo Announce A New, Officially Licensed Beatles Print, “The Record Store”

Back in February we shared Dark Hall Mansion’s officially licensed collaboration with Alex Ross for a stunning “Yellow Submarine” Beatles print.  Dark Hall Mansion has just announced their latest officially licensed Beatles print and this time out they have collaborated with Dave Perillo for a unique look at the Fab 4.


Titled “The Record Store” Dave gives Beatles fans a look at the crew from Liverpool in a fun yet contemplative way.  We asked Dave about this project and here is what he had to say.

BLURPPY- The Beatles are such a huge influence on music but they go much further as they have influenced fashion, film, etc. How did you approach this project?

When I work on projects I am always heavily influenced by retro/vintage/mod era design. The Beatles, at their height of popularity, were right in thick of the design style that speaks to me. The thing I really wanted to capture with this piece is that era, through the colors and stylization of the characters/buildings I hopefully accomplished that.

Blurppy – Yep, mission accomplished. How many “test” or “trial” images did you go through before you settled on this one?

There were a few ideas kicked around before the piece was started, this idea of them looking in the record store window was always in the mix. I’d tell what the other ideas were going to be but hopefully their would be a chance to use them later on so i’ll keep those secret.

Blurppy – Fantastic, I hope we get to see them!  This is a pretty unique way to show the Beatles, we absolutely love it, what is your favorite part of this print?

Definitely the window display. I tried include as much Beatlemania imagery as possible. I found photos of actual record store displays from the 60’s promoting their Beatles merchandise and records they had a available and tried to mimic that in my design.

Blurppy – Are there any hidden Easter Eggs in here, like when you play a certain Beatles album backwards and it says something completely different?

There is a long answer and a short one to this question. The long answer is, if you count up the number of bricks on the building and divide that by the number of cans of cranberry sauce Ringo is holding it equals 28… as in 28IF like on the back of the VW Bug featured on the Abbey Road cover… The short answer is there are no Easter Eggs on there… or maybe there are?

BLURPPY – Why do I feel like I did after the last episode of Lost?  What did you want to convey with this print?

The main thing I wanted to capture is telling the story of a single moment in the Beatles day to day lives, almost like a snap shot. As if they’re just soaking in all their success and how much they’ve accomplished from looking at the elements featured in the window along with being unaware of their adoring fans are running in from the side. Reminescent of the scene in the film “A Hard Day’s Night” with the guys running down the street.

Huge thanks to Dave for taking the time out of his busy schedule for us.  Click the link below to see the final images of Dave’s wonderful Beatles tribute: “The Record Store.”

Here is Dark Hall Mansion’s Official press release for “The Record Store.”

Dark Hall Mansion, working with Apple Corps Ltd and Bravado International, their North American licensing agent, will release Dave Perillo’s unique take on a very special moment at a most everyday record store. An unusual and quietly meditative piece that catches the Beatles pausing before a record store window, a reflection on all accomplished and all that’s yet to come, it’s as much a meditation on artistry and artistic achievement as it is on fame and identity. Are the Beatles pausing in some “Hard Day’s Night”-like run from their oncoming swarm of fans, or were they already there, quietly taking in the moment, alone and contemplative as only they knew this singular experience?


(Standard Edition)

The print is a special one, having required select clearances so Dave might be able to include actual Beatles record covers, tour posters, television performance imagery and related, all in creating his piece. What we see is at once so very public and yet so intimate and private, only the public visage of the Beatles gazes back at the viewer, while Dave’s rendering of nuances such as slight head tilts and telling body language allow us to also stand quietly with the Beatles, sharing this moment with them. A charming piece no doubt, but a poignant one as well.


(Variant Edition)

DHM’s officially licensed Beatles Dave Perillo “The Record Store” limited edition Standard print measures 20″ x 28,” is a 6-color screen print, hand numbered and limited to a worldwide run of only 280 pieces at $65.

The Variant edition is a 20″ x 28″ 6-color screen print, 3 colors being metallic ink highlights, hand numbered and limited to only 50 pieces worldwide at $100.

The select Foil edition (based on Std colorway) measures 20″ x 28,” a 6-color screen print, on foil, hand numbered and limited to only 10 editions worldwide at $150.

The select Foil edition (based on Variant colorway) measures 20″ x 28,” is a 6-color (3 being metallic ink highlights) screen print, on foil, hand numbered and limited to only 10 editions worldwide at $150.



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