Spacelab9 Announces “The Wolverine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” On Double Vinyl Picture Disc

SNIKT! Appearing on vinyl for the first time, THE WOLVERINE: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Double Picture Disc LP will be available exclusively at Hot Topic beginning Tuesday, May 26th. THE WOLVERINE: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Double Picture Disc LP includes the original 22 tracks from the soundtrack album by renowned composer Marco Beltrami (Hellboy, Terminator 3) plus the bonus track “Yukiko” which had been previously released as a digital-only track. Marco Beltrami’s moody score is an apt fit for the brooding nature of the character of Logan, better known as “Wolverine. The music created by Beltrami reflects the various states of mind of the mutant Wolverine, adding a level tension that captures the visceral energy of THE WOLVERINE.

Jumping out of the pages of Marvel comic books onto the silver screen, Wolverine has become a fan favorite in both mediums. As a leading character in the both the comic book series for over 30 years as well as in the wildly popular X-Men movie franchise, Wolverine has captivated audiences like no other X-Man before or since, spawning several solo mini-series over the years as well as his own spinoff series of films. THE WOLVERINE sees the enigmatic character in his second solo cinematic adventure, again portrayed by Academy Award-nominated actor Hugh Jackman.


With several more superhero-related soundtrack releases on the horizon, SPACELAB9 kicks off their Heroes on Vinyl series with the release of THE WOLVERINE: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK Double Picture Disc LP. The Double Picture Disc LP will be available exclusively from Hot Topic stores and through their web store starting May 26, while supplies last – so don’t hesitate, “bub”.

Track listing is as follows:

1. A walk in the woods (1:02)
2. Threnody for Nagasaki (1:15)
3. Euthanasia (1:36)
4. Logan’s run (3:56)
5. The offer (3:15)
6. Arriving at the temple (2:09)
7. Funeral fight (4:22)
8. Two handed (4:04)
9. Bullet train (1:31)
10. The snare (1:32)
11. Abduction (2:11)
12. Trusting (1:54)
13. Ninja quiet (3:40)
14. Katana surgery (3:50)
15. The Wolverine (2:21)
16. The hidden fortress (5:02)
17. Silver samurai (3:27)
18. Sword of vengeance (4:32)
19. Dreams (1:21)
20. Goodbye Mariko (1:01)
21. Where to? (2:25)
22. Whole step haiku (2:08)
23. Yukio (1:49)



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