Funko Reveals Their Inner Self With These Awesome Inside Out Mystery Minis


We’re not bragging but we have already seen Pixar’s next animated feature, “Inside Out” and we completely, absolutely, wholeheartedly  loved it.  This movie is a love letter to families and that is how you should see it, as a family.

The dynamic duo of Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera pull at the heartstrings once again and we’d be completely surprised if this one doesn’t take home a golden statue for best Animated Feature Film next year.

Funko has announced that along with their normal offering of full-sized Funko figures for the film, they are releasing a whole set of “Inside Out Mystery Minis.”  You’ll be able to get all 5 emotions along with a couple of extras.

Each emotion, along with Bing Bong, will get two different versions while Fear and Rainbow Unicorn will have to suffice with one each. All of them will come packaged in blind boxes which means you may have to resort to ebay to complete your set but they are really cool and there are only 12 at this time so it should be relatively easy to complete your set.

Click HERE to preorder  These are expected to be released on June 19, 2015 to coincide with the movie’s opening date.