Mondo’s Tom Whalen Solo Show: “Pulp Menagerie” Looks Absolutely Sensational!


This weekend, pop culture poster powerhouse Mondo, opened the doors to their gallery for  an all new solo show featuring the exquisite work of artist Tom Whalen.  Here is the official description of the show.

Pulp Menagerie will feature original screen prints by the incredibly talented artist Tom Whalen. The term “Pulp Menagerie” speaks to the varied subject matter on exhibit. The pieces are akin to the diverse, exotic creatures and curiosities that were captured, groomed and showcased in the royal menageries of the middle ages. Also featured will be some truly unique in-gallery visuals that ascend the theme to a new dimension!

We were devastated that we could not attend the event but local photographer Trent Lesikar did go and these exclusive photos only helped amplify the pain we felt in missing this event.

We immediately fell in love with Tom’s Daredevil pieces and here is what he had to say about them from his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  “Daredevil is, hands down, my favorite superhero and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to take a swing at celebrating his rich legacy.”

(This wood edition Daredevil just may be the best thing I have seen in a long time.) As if THIS wasn’t cool enough, check out these highly desirable Batman prints!

At the end of the day, my wallet is glad I didn’t go but my walls are pretty pissed off!  Be sure to follow Mondo on TWITTER to find out if and when any of these outstanding prints will go on sale online.  While you are at it make sure you follow Tom Whalen on TWITTER as well for updates on new projects and notification as to when his artist proofs from this show will be available on his OFFICIAL STORE.

Huge thanks to photographer Trent Lesikar for breaking our heart with these awesome photos.  Check out Trent’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see more of his work.