Dark Hall Mansion & Kilian Eng Take Us To The “Forbidden Planet”

In 1956, fans journeyed to the 23rd century in the sensational sci-fi classic by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, “Forbidden Planet.”  This movie’s special effects were nominated for an Academy Award and it gave us one of pop culture’s most identifiable figures, Robbie the Robot.


Today Dark Hall Mansion announced a stunning print that pays homage to the film by Kilian Eng.  Kilian was kind enough to speak with us about the film and the project and this is what he had to say.

BLURPPY:  What was your approach to this project?  

KILIAN: The first step was to re-watch the film and take in as much as possible of its magic. This film is full of that and for me much has to do with the amazing setting. As soon as this movie came up as a potential new project I instantly thought of the environments. It had been quite some time since I watched it last time but I immediately started to think about how I could incorporate that as much as possible. Those who follow my work know that I often like to include environments as much as possible in the theme.

B&w sketch

After watching the film taking some notes this project was pretty straight forward in the sketching phase. I presented two sketches to DHM that looked like this (See sketch 01 and sketch 02) one vertical and one horizontal version. Before that I had done a black & white version just to try out the basic composition.

They liked the initial idea and asked if I could do a version a bit more detailed. 


This version is a step closer to the original and was sent to the studio togheter with the initial roughs for final approval.

The reason to go with a horizontal format is because its more generous when drawing landscapes.


BLURPPY:  I agree and since the original poster from 1956 is horizontal, it’s great to come at it from a different perspective. How many iterations did you go through before you decided upon the final version? 

KILIAN: It was quite a few. I had a dialogue with DHM getting feedback.  We had decided on the basic composition but some things changed trough the process. The most important change from the first versions to the finished is the background. My initial image had the background with the mountains, base and desert but much closer to the foreground. This was changed later on to get the feeling of more distance and depth. (See the image “different earlier versions, work in progress) those are some of the earlier versions of work in progress

Different earlier vewrsion (work in progress)

BLURPPY:  What was the toughest part of the Forbidden Planet print?

KILIAN: As I mentioned before the film is set in a magical world. To capture some of this. Im happy with it but I leave it to the viewer to decide if I finally succeeded.

BLURPPY: Robby The Robot is a well known pop culture character but you chose to make his appearance more subtle, was this a conscious effort and if so why?

KILIAN: When making a poster for a classic sci-fi with such a recognizable character like Robby the Robot its is of course very tempting to put him in focus and in the centre. The original posters for the film does this very well. Even though Robby deserves this attention being and great character I wanted to change focus a bit.


My main fascination with the film lies in the world as whole and therefor wanting to show that in a generous way.  Robby and the young girl Altaira are present but as a part of the bigger picture so to speak.

BLURPPY:  Are there any hidden easter eggs in the image?

KILIAN: If so I leave it to the viewer to explore.

Well, we love a mystery and we shall start scouring this print to see if we can find any hidden gems.  Click the link below to see the final images along with the official press release from Dark Hall Mansion.

Kilian Eng’s “FORBIDDEN PLANET” limited editions go on sale NEXT WEDNESDAY, 
June 17th, exclusively on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated store page  at 9:30 AM PST.

Dark Hall Mansion, beams slightly to 
the future in revealing its latest officially licensed limited edition 
print release: “FORBIDDEN PLANET” by contemporary artist, Kilian Eng, on 
sale next Wednesday, June 17th, 2015!

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Warner Bros. 
Consumer Products, will release Kilian Eng’s futuristic take on the 1956 
classic that’s shaped the very template of countless Sci-Fi films to 
come. Kilian’s interpretation is at once moody and atmospheric, his 
approach right from the outset was to specifically make his “Forbidden 
Planet” about this strange far-flung world, focusing not only on 
environment but tone. At once organic and quietly futuristic, it allows 
the viewer to search out classic sci-fi elements, not the least of which 
is one quite unique and ground breaking robot.

STD-FP Forbidden Planet copy

“FORBIDDEN PLANET” Standard Edition of 280 on Mirri foil $65

FOIL SIMU STD-Forbidden planet regular

(Simulated foil image) 

Hued in lovely tones, Kilian’s Standard and Variant print editions will 
be screen printed on foil, allowing restrained highlights of the foil 
paper substrate to deliberately show through-a sparkling night sky comes 
to life, glints off a shimmering space ship, and of course, nuanced 
metal highlights reflect off “Forbidden Planet’s” legendary Robby the 
Robot. Richly printed in warm tones, Kilian’s Standard edition comes in 
at 9-colors and is set off by his wildly colored flora, while his 
stunning 9-color Variant is all pure icy-cool beauty.

VARIANT-FP-Forbidden Planet  copy

”FORBIDDEN PLANET” Variant Edition of 50 on Mirri foil $100

All editions measure 24″ x 36,” are hand-numbered, and both Standard and 
Variant editions will be screen printed on Mirri foil paper. There will also be one 
giclee printed canvas edition with a unique Kilian colorway that 
simply cries out for a black light.

Images of DHM’s Kilian Eng “FORBIDDEN PLANET” prints can be found 
attached or please see all editions on Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook pageor via Dark Hall Mansion’s blog.


“FORBIDDEN PLANET” Canvas Edition of 15 (unique colorway) $250

Kilian Eng’s “FORBIDDEN PLANET” limited editions go on sale NEXT WEDNESDAY, 
June 17th, exclusively on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated store page  at 9:30 AM PST.

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