Blake Crouch’s “Wayward Pines” Trilogy Is Intricately Intoxicating

If you are enthralled with the new Fox TV series, “Wayward Pines” staring Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Terrence Howard and Toby Jones, then you HAVE to read the 3 book series by author Blake Crouch from which it is based.  If you AREN’T watching the series on Fox ….you STILL have to read Blake’s three books.


Blake’s tale is reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone” mashed up with his favorite TV series of all-time, David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.”  From page one of the first book the reader is catapulted on a page turning experience full of mystery, thrills, and things unthinkable.


(Author Blake Crouch)

The trilogy starts with book 1,  “Pines,” where we meet Secret Service agent Ethan Burke.  Burke awakes on his back, in the grass by a babbling brook.  He has suffered memory loss and injuries due to a massive, violent accident so he stumbles into the idyllic town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Burke enters a hospital seeking help and this is where things take an immediate turn.  His I.D. missing, cell phone, wallet and even his partner….all gone.  To make matters worse, NO one seems able or willing to give him any answers.


Crouch crafts an in ingenious tale of deceit and mystery where the reader, like Special Agent Burke, can sense there is more than meets the eye in the eden-esque town of Wayward Pines.  No TV, hardly any cars being used and fake crickets?  Even stranger, there are no roads in or OUT of Wayward Pines.  Things don’t add up and when Ethan recognizes someone from his past,  someone he was sent to recover, it gets even weirder.  (As if THAT were possible.)

Book 2, “Wayward” will keep you turning the pages at a blistering pace as answers to some questions begin to come into focus.  However, as some things are revealed, new mysteries arise. What lies beyond the electrified fence?  Why are there snipers surrounding the town and why is almost every inch of Wayward Pines businesses, public areas and even private residences under constant audio/ video surveillance?

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.13.21 PM

After the revelations of “Wayward”, the third book in the series, “The Last Town” will take readers towards a finale they NEVER saw coming.  We found it literally impossible to put any of these books down and the reason we are being so vague in speaking of each book is because you need to embark on this journey with little or no info.  (If you are watching the TV series, STOP!  Tape the final episodes and start reading the books! Once you are done, go back and watch the series at your leisure…)  We can tell you that the final sentence of the final page in “The Last Town” left us breathless.


CLICK HERE to order all three books.  We are confident that they will overtake your waking moments as they did ours.  You can follow author Blake Crouch on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.  You can also visit his OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see all the other books we are about to start reading.

(Our fingers are crossed that we will once again get to walk the eerie streets of Wayward Pines but only time will tell……)


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  1. authoramandamccoy says:

    These books sound awesome! I’m totally going to have to track down the first one.


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