Dark Hall Mansion & Tom Whalen Give Sci-Fi Fans A Fantastic New Print For The 1956 Classic”Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

“Suddenly, while you’re asleep, they’ll absorb your minds, your memories….”

invasion-of-the-body-snatchersIn 1956, the black and white, sci-fi classic, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” gave folks a lot of sleepless nights.  In the film, Dr. Miles Bennell returns to his hometown, Santa Mira, California, to find that many of his patients are suffering from a mysterious but similar malady. They are coming to him insisting that family members and loved ones are impersonators, devoid of emotion, and not the people they used to know.

invasion-body-snatchers-1956Miles at first tends to believe a fellow psychiatrist’s diagnosis that it’s all a case of mass hysteria. But after discovering a half-formed replica of his friend Jack, and later giant seed pods in his greenhouse, Miles and his girlfriend Becky confront their worst fears – that these mysterious pods are in fact replacing the humans of the town when they sleep. In the midst of the invasion, Miles and Becky try to escape and warn the authorities.

invasion-otbsDark Hall Mansion and Tom Whalen are paying homage to this classic with a sensational, officially licensed print.  Here is what they had to say about the latest edition to their impressive, Seminal Film Series.

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Paramount Pictures, brings one of, if not the, quintessential 1950s Sci-Fi classics to life via artist Tom Whalen’s arresting and contemporary take on the 1956 masterpiece that is “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Strikingly hued in bold colors, Tom’s piece elegantly captures this brilliant allegory of post-war McCarthyism and the inherent terrors of unchecked, rampant paranoia. A film at once highly entertaining and exceedingly daring and ahead of its time, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” didn’t so much as question as openly provoke viewers to wake up to the world then about them.

A world perhaps not as far removed from our current society as we’d like to think. Tom’s Standard edition print is as visually compelling as it is lovely, a unique and clever take on the film’s disturbing alien pod leaf anchors his central imagery while iconic of-era silhouettes accuse and corral the film’s principals, hinting at once of aliens and/or one’s neighbors. Streaking pods and ghosted space elements marry visuals in a restrained, powerful and contemporary piece, all in keeping with DHM’s Seminal Film Series aesthetic that seeks to keep credits to a minimum wherever possible, allowing the artist’s work to dominate front and center for fans. Tom’s Variant edition elevates Sci-Fi palette hues, achieving a deep and moody piece that distinctly contrasts with his Standard, with both editions faithful to the film’s unique tone and undercurrents.

mondo_irongiant(Standard Edition of 280 – $65)

(Standard Foil edition of 10 – $150)

Offered in a standard or variant edition, these screen prints measure 24″ X 36″ and are a must-have for any fan of sci-fi excellence.  Both versions of this stunning print will also be offered in an extremely limited, but highly desirable foil edition.

mondo_irongiant(Variant Edition of 50 – $100)

(Variant Foil edition of 10 – $150)

These prints go onsale Wednesday, July 22nd at 9:30 AM PST in the OFFICIAL DARK HALL MANSION STORE.  You can view all editions of these prints on DARK HALL MANSION’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE or on their OFFICIAL BLOG.

Be sure to follow Dark Hall Mansion and Tom Whalen on TWITTER for updates on upcoming projects.  Both parties continuously raise the bar with their pop culture themed art.


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