Dark Horse Comics & Christofer Emgård To Release Prequel Comic To Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Game

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an exciting new video game coming from Electronic Arts, available in February 2016.  The synopsis goes like this:

Mirrors_EdgeMirror’s Edge is an action game set in a futuristic world of ‘runners,’ ‘Big Brother’ surveillance, and adventure. Players control Faith, a courier who runs along rooftops, up pipes and around every kind of obstacle to get from point A to point B. Paramilitary forces called the ‘PK’ are dispatched to eradicate runners like Faith, and they shoot at the player’s character with various handguns, tazers, and machine guns. Players can also engage in firefights and hand-to-hand combat with the PK, and a slight red blood effect is emitted from wounded enemies. In addition, a cutscene depicts a dead man slumped over on his desk with his head lying in a small pool of red blood. Characters sometimes use profanity (e.g., ‘sh*t,’ ‘damn,’ and ‘bastard’) during cut-scenes and gameplay.

Christofer_EmgårdTo quell fans thirst for all thing Faith related, Dark Horse Comics is releasing a prequel to the game with a comic book scripted by the writer of Catalyst, Christofer Emgård“Mirror’s Edge: Exordium #1” will take fans up to the events of the highly anticipated new Mirror’s Edge game.  This exhilarating comic prequel delves into the story of Faith, one of the most celebrated heroines in video games! Dare to enter the fast-paced, high-stakes world of life on the mirror’s edge!

MERecently IGN had a chance to speak with Christofer Emgård and here is some of that interview.

IGN Comics: What’s the quick pitch for Mirror’s Edge: Exordium?

Christofer Emgard: Faith has grown up off the grid among the runners of Glass, but even though she is fast and daring, her mentor and adoptive father Noah is reluctant to give her real assignments. He considers her reckless and hotheaded, and the schism between them is growing daily.

Secretly defying him, Faith does runs on the side, and one day she stumbles on a rare link to her dark past. The discovery sets off a chain of events which will force her to reexamine many things about herself, and in the end she must risk everything in order to stay true to her values.

IGN: With you writing both the comic and the game, are there any elements that link the two?

Emgard: They can be experienced as stand-alone and self-contained, but Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Exordium are deeply intertwined. Events that are set in motion in Exordium will continue to play out in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst , and a handful of characters appear in both the game and the comic. From a thematic standpoint, Faith’s journey in Exordium is one of self-discovery and personal growth, and that’s an ongoing process which stretches across both the comic and the game, and beyond.


Here is a look at the the exclusive variant cover for issue one for Books-a-Million!

ME2Dark Horse Comic’s “Mirror’s Edge Exordium” hits stores on September 9th.


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