DHM & Nicolas Delort Announce A Breathtaking, 7-Print Set Of The Classic Universal Monsters

…. did we mention it’s breathtaking?  When this landed in our inbox we had to take a moment to soak it all in.  (We also had to exercise great restraint from immediately sharing it with the masses.)

1000px-Universal_monstersHorror buffs and film purists will argue all day that the Universal Monsters are considered to be THE quintessential best in the genre of horror and it’s hard to argue against them.  Under license from Universal Studios Licensing, Dark Hall Mansion has once again collaborated with Nicolas Delort for what we are calling, “the greatest Halloween print offering ever.”  Here is what they had to say in their official press release.

dark-hall-mansion-bannerDark Hall Mansion is exceptionally proud to release its officially licensed “Universal Classic Monsters” limited edition 7-print set by leading contemporary artist, Nicolas Delort, and on sale Tuesday, October 13th.

lagoon-regularCreature From The Black Lagoon – Regular Edition

lagoon-variantCreature From The Black Lagoon – Variant Edition

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Universal Studios Licensing LLC, will release artist Nicolas Delort’s striking take on each of the original 7 classic Universal Monsters that shaped and defined vintage horror movies. Each of Nicolas’ unique and elegant pieces interprets each Universal Monster in an elegant and unique manner that not only interprets the legacy of each film but seeks to bring Nicolas’ considerable skills to bear refining and distilling all per his personal vision and sensibility.

mummy-regularThe Mummy – Regular Edition

mummy-variantThe Mummy – Variant Edition

mummy-photoHis “Mummy’s” exquisite detailing is simply something to behold, his “Frankenstein” not only renders the film’s powerful arc and tragedy in full but addresses the very act of creation itself. His “Dracula” is all mood and atmosphere, his “Wolf Man” quite terrorizing in its transition, and Nicolas’ “Invisible Man” a reflective meditation on man’s intrusions. Finally Nicolas’ arresting “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” in a word, elevates; an extraordinary piece that is very much more than it appears at first glance, gorgeous and emotionally resonant, woman as divine.

Bride-regularThe Bride Of Frankenstein – Regular Edition

Bride-variantThe Bride Of Frankenstein – Regular Edition

And what to say of Nicolas’ beautiful and ethereal “Bride of Frankenstein,” where despite having Elsa Lanchester’s likeness available to him, his personal vision for her insisted it be something else altogether, in so doing, raising the piece to that of lyrical and poetic.

Frankenstein-regularFrankenstein – Regular Edition

Frankenstein-variantFrankenstein – Variant Edition

Each individual print in DHM’s Nicolas Delort 7-print set measures 18″ x 24,” is hand numbered, and screen printed. The Standard edition set is printed per Nicolas’ hand crafted B&W approach while his Variant’s hue is richly toned and deliberately vintage in feel. There is also a very limited foil edition based on either the Standard or Variant colorway, plus the most select series, only 10 editions, a complete run of all 7 of Nicolas’s “Universal Classic Monsters” pieces individually screened on wood.

Dracula-regularDracula – Regular Edition

Dracula-variantDracula – Variant Edition

All officially licensed Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” limited 7-print editions go on sale this coming TUESDAY, Oct 13, at 9:30 AM PST on our dedicated store page here: http://www.darkhallmansionstore.com

Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print Standard edition of 295: $350

Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print Variant edition  of 125: $450

Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print Select Foil edition of 10 (based on Std edition colorway):   $575

Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print Select Foil edition of 10 (based on Variant edition colorway): $575

Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print Select Wood edition of 10 (based on Standard edition colorway): $1250

invisible-regularThe Invisible Man – Regular Edition

invisible-variantThe Invisible Man – Variant Edition

*In fairness to all collectors wishing to purchase DHM’s official Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” 7-print set: PLEASE UNDERSTAND ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

All 7-print sets will be simply tube shipped via our professional fulfillment firm, Paragon Press, owned by Spoke Gallery in San Francisco, so buyers can expect their orders fulfilled promptly, without issue, with appropriate overage available so all can rest assured of immediate replacements if any postal dings.

wolfman-regThe Wolfman – Regular Edition

wolfman-varThe Wolfman – Variant Edition


We reached out to Nicolas about this amazing project and here is what he had to say.

deskBLURPPY – First off, let me say that when I first heard you were going to do a Universal Monsters set for DHM I almost fell over in my chair.  7 prints, by you,  of the most famous and infamous monsters ever to ever grace the silver screen.  What was your reaction to being asked to do this project?

NICOLAS DELORT – A little scared to be frank…the Monsters are very iconic and have been reinterpreted dozens and dozens of times in movies, books, prints. so it was a little daunting. On the other hand, it’s always interesting to be challenged in that way and try to bring your own personal touch on characters that are so well known.

BLURPPY – Tackling these 7 legends HAS to be difficult,  What was your process
for this project?

NICOLAS DELORT – I watched the movies a bunch of times, trying to find an angle I found interesting to explore in each. The films all have different strengths; in Mummy for instance, it’s Karloff’s presence and charisma, so I focused the print entirely on him and especially his intense make-up; in Bride of Frankenstein, it’s more about the statuesque appearance of the Bride; in Frankenstein, there are so many aspects that have become iconic, the lab, the windmill, Karloff’s makeup…I felt like a collage-type poster would work great.

BLURPPY – Your style suites this timeless genre of horror films very well. How difficult was it to portray them in an entirely new way?

NICOLAS DELORT – An entirely new way, I don’t know, because I had to remain faithful to the designs of the films but I still feel like I approached them in a way that feels very “me”. Like I said above, I approached each one very differently, some gave me more to work with than others, for matters of personal taste. The goal was to make a set with a wide variety of compositions united by a similar style, so I tried to combine portraits, landscapes, full figure shots.. some pieces are more about the story, some more about the atmosphere.

BLURPPY – I have a  slight insight into your schedule with private commissions, poster groups, and your incredible work with DHM.  As I said, I have SLIGHT insight so I’m sure it’s much crazier than it seems to us on the outside looking in. How do you find the time to do everything?

NICOLAS DELORT – Haha, well my schedule is certainly quite busy, but I still manage to keep reasonable hours and have a reasonable amount of free time and weekends. I’m much more efficient and faster with scratchboard than I used to be even a year ago. My process is much more streamlined and I have a much clearer idea of where I’m going now, so I spend much less time thinking about how I’m gonna do things and just do them instead.


Huge thanks to Nicolas for taking the time to speak with us.  Let’s face it, the price is right and the art is spectacular.  We have our fingers crossed that we can get our hands on these prints.   (We already have a fantastic spot on our wall for them!)

All officially licensed Nicolas Delort “Universal Classic Monsters” limited 7-print editions go on sale this coming TUESDAY, Oct 13, at 9:30 AM PST DHM’s dedicated store.


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