Carlos Pardo’s Kickstarter Campaign Reveals The Lost Blueprint For The Death Star II

“Many Bothans died to bring us this information…” Get now the long lost blueprints and technical schemes of the Death Star II

If you are like us you can NEVER get enough Star Wars and if you are like us you will INSTANTLY fall in love with this Kickstarter campaign from Carlos Pardo.  Carlos has come up with a fantastic blueprint poster featuring the Empire’s secret plans for the Death Star II.

Carlos_Pardo_Star_Wars_posterHere is how Carlos describes the inspiration for the project:

“Two years ago I released a design side project that was the cartography of the roads network of France with a subway map stylization, it was the first part of an ongoing serie. It was a long, complex and a very instructive challenge that fueled my taste for maps. During the process of documentation for that project, I stumbled across a lot of interesting schemes, conventions, blueprints, and started wondering about maps of iconic places or objects that influenced and defined me, as a creative.

Carlos_Pardo_work_Star_warsAt one point I was looking back for Star Wars, specially the Death Star that always impressed me by it’s monolithic complexity… and I found almost nothing that could go on my workshop walls, only small 3D schemes and a few screen captures…”

“The idea grew and as soon as I completed my France roads cartography, I started documenting and designing my own interpretation of the Death Star, model II.”

Carlos_Prado_Death_Star_WIPThis project was a massive undertaking clocking in around 400 + hours of work but the end result is something that we HAVE to HAVE on our wall.

The initial campaign has BLOWN away it’s original goal but there are still a couple of rewards levels that aren’t quite 100% complete yet.

Carlos_Pardo_Death_Star2There are some pretty cool rewards on each level of participation including digital wallpapers, buttons, stickers, a rad set of glossy postcards and a highly desirable glow in the dark version of the print!

carlos_Pardo_Postcards1 Carlos_Pardo_PostcardsCarlos even planned for the future.  “I designed this poster with alternatives versions in mind. If this project is successfully funded before the deadline, I’ll post a public poll to propose you alternative sizes and variations.”

Carlos_Pardo_Death_Star_alternativesCLICK HERE to head over to the official Kickstarter page and get in where you can.


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