Help Bring The Glorious Dark Vision of “The Book Of Gray” To Life

“An epic werewolf saga where the past, present, and future collide.”


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From the minds of writer Brady Goldsmith and artist Christopher Shy, comes the culmination of a dark, gory, and haunting, ten-year project.  In hopes to revitalize the werewolf-horror sub-genre, Brady has written three epic novels, The Book of Gray, The Book of Gray: To Live and Die, and The Book of Gray: Of Sand and Ash.

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Brady has just launched an Indiegogo project to bring The Book of Gray to a stunning graphic novel format featuring the art of Studio Ronin artist, Christopher Shy.  The graphic novel is expected to come in around 220-250 pages of full color gore and grit.

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Here’s a short story synopsis of The Book of Gray, which will be the focal point of Graphic Novel.

“Skonar Gray, a young boy from Romania (1831), finds himself in a world of darkness and mystery. Amidst the innocence of first love and the hope of a better life, the decadent layers of his existence start to unravel around him. Creatures prowl the forests around his home and his family hides a dangerous secret. Segregated and alone, Skonar will soon come to find that the secret lurking within the walls of his home is inescapable.”

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What causes the maddening pains, the nightmares, and the dead to come beckoning? What is the reason behind the horrors of his father’s demands and his brother’s violence, the blood, and the changing coming from within? Only words from a book, written ages ago and lost within the depths can help Skonar to understand who and what he really is. But most of all, how he can change who he is to become in order to face a condemned world.”

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 “The past, the present, and the future, will collide as Skonar embarks on a journey that will change everything.”


Head on over to Brady’s official INDIEGOGO PAGE to read and learn more about this project and donate what you can to get this project officially funded.  Use the links below to learn more about Brady and Chris.

Brady Goldsmith





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