Nicolas Delort Releases Another Stunning Print With Dark Hall Mansion: “The Phantom Of The Opera”

It’s almost impossible to imagine how fantastic and frightening “The Phantom of the Opera” was for fans when it first came out in 1925.  Nowadays we are “spoiled” by special effects, wonderful wardrobes and magnificent makeup but back then it was all new and Lon Chaney was a master at transforming himself.


Today, Dark Hall Mansion revealed their next collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Nicolas Delortwhich tackles this classic horror film that still sends chills down your spine, some 91 years later.  Here is their official announcement.

Dark Hall Mansion,, is pleased to reveal its latest limited edition fine art screen print release, 1925’s “The Phantom of the Opera” by artist Nicolas Delort and on sale this Friday, 12:30 PM PST April 29th!

A film Nicolas Delort has been specifically wanting to visit and share for some time, DHM is proud to finally reveal his elegant sweeping vision of the 1925 silent classic that starred Lon Chaney Sr in perhaps his most well known film, and certainly, most famed of his legendary makeups. Chaney, well monikered and still regarded today as ‘the man of a thousand faces,’ personally created and executed his “Phantom” makeup and its impact is still arresting to modern audiences, as is its influence on decades of filmmakers.


There will be a Standard, Variant, select Foil, and exclusive canvas edition of only 5 “The Phantom of the Opera” editions based on each of Nicolas’ colorways.


“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Standard Edition of 280 $65

“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Foil Edition of 10 $150

(based on Std edition colorway)

“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Canvas Edition of 5 $250

(based on Std edition colorway)


“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Variant Edition of 50 $100

“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Foil Edition of 10 $150

(based on Variant edition colorway)

 “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” Canvas Edition of 5 $250

(based on Variant edition colorway)


All editions are strictly limited, measure 18″ x 24,” are hand numbered and screen printed (except canvas editions which are giclee printed). All DHM “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” editions go on sale this Friday, April 29th, on Dark Hall Mansion’s store page here: at 9:30 AM PST.




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