Tim Doyle’s New Book “UnReal Estate” Gives Geeks & Nerds A Look At Some Of Pop Culture’s Most Iconic Locations

Based in Austin, Texas, Tim Doyle has been cranking out highly desirable, pop culture inspired, art since 2001.  In 2009 he took matters into his own hands and launched his own geek-tacular company, Nakatomi Inc.  Since then he has been hustling to help fellow artists engage the masses with pop culture creations big and small while churning out his own brand of awesome prints at the same time.


His latest endeavor is a book which focuses on his art that takes fans on a personal journey to some of pop culture’s most iconic locations.  Titled “UnReal Estate” the book features 129 pages of Tim’s art along with words from Ken Harman – founder of Spoke Art Gallery, Godmachine – designer, illustrator and lover of all things dark,  Joshua Budich – graphic artist, illustrator, and insane Star Wars figure collector, Tracie Ching –  graphic designer, illustrator and self proclaimed ham connoisseur, and Wayne Brenner – artist, and works with words for a living.

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“The book is a collection of the first three years of my UnReal Estate exhibition.  Including color variant, there are over fifty total prints of locations from the television shows that we grew up on and some that we still watch today – magical places we visit from the comfort of our couches.” – Tim Doyle

timdoyle-unrealestate-bookpiece1“If Carl Jung is right, Tim has found a way to tap into our new, updated, ‘collective unconscious.’ He has unearthed a contemporary rendition of the ‘Tree of Life’… only now we call it the ‘Treehouse of Horror.'” – Ken Harmon

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“These worlds that have been created exist when we close our eyes at night, when we turn off the TV; they are like empty studios, abandoned stages and theaters, awaiting the next chapter.” Godmachine

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“I’ll never forget the time we were chatting – probably about our shared misadventures – when I attempted to defend a lackluster illustration by saying, ‘But, that’s how it looks in the photo!’  To which Tim calmly said, ‘You have to do what’s best for the art, and not limit yourself to what’s 100% true to the reference.’  I had to stop in my tracks.  He was right, and I always keep that nugget of wisdom in my mind with each new project I take on.” – Joshua Budich

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“Unreal Estate is one of those ideas that makes you think ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of that?!’  Such an interesting, unique, and deceptively-simple concept couldn’t fail, particularly when paired with Tim Doyle’s signature linework and split fountain backgrounds. As long as there are beloved fictional buildings to draw I hope Mr. Doyle will continue to bring new life to them, and after three consecutive sell out years, I don’t think I’m the only one.”  – Tracie Ching

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“Tim Doyle is a pop-culture geek all the way to his marrow.  He’s a man who has never barred the joys of fantasy from his daily life and its sometimes solemn concerns, who embraces those joys as part of the whole quotidian deal and renders the fantasy more real by doing so – much like he’s done in a more obvious, ingeniously graphic manner with this UnReal Estate series of his.” – Wayne Alan Brenner


There is no denying that Tim has his finger on the pulse of pop culture and this book will most likely have you trolling the internet to try and find and purchase some of the images as prints.  I would imagine, that as an artist, this would be the cherry on top of a rather gooey sundae. You first create the art that speaks to YOUR soul but when it moves individuals to seek it out and then make it part of their daily lives, that should put a smile on any artist’s face.  I think it’s safe to say that Tim should be smiling for quite some time.

CLICK HERE to pick up your copy of Tim Doyle’s “UnReal Estate.




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