“Art Of Atari” by Dynamite Entertainment Is A Blast From The Past

If you are older, like myself, you will remember the wonder and awe of spending countless hours of your youth playing Atari.  One thing you MAY have overlooked, while you were feverishly zooming back and forth on the screen, was the incredible art on the game boxes. Well now all that amazing art is compiled into a very cool, must-have book from Dynamite Entertainment called “Art of Atari.”


ART OF ATARI is a truly historic event. A book like this is an essential document in the history of video games, and belongs on the shelf of every gamer or pop culture fan,” says Kuo-Yu Liang, VP of Sales & Marketing at Diamond Book Distributors. “The entire team here at Diamond is excited to have been given the task of ensuring that is exactly what happens.”


(Standard Hardcover)

“The team at Diamond Book Distributors have been a fantastic ongoing partner for Dynamite’s bookstore distribution efforts,” says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. “However, to see the incredible international success they have achieved with such titles as “The Walking Dead” and Dark Horse’s “The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia” gives us confidence that they are the right partner to ensure that ART OF ATARI will be one of the greatest successes Dynamite has ever achieved, on every level and every continent. We’re extremely confident, and have set our initial print run at a staggering 75,000 units (of the $39.99 edition), with additional copies of the $100 Deluxe Edition, in the hopes of having enough to fulfill demand through the holidays.”


(Deluxe Hardcover)

ART OF ATARI is available in two different editions and represents the most comprehensive retrospective to date, clocking in at over 350 pages, and collecting production and concept artwork, photos, and marketing materials. Glean exclusive insight from key people involved in Atari’s rich history, with behind-the-scenes details on how the most iconic games in early video game history were conceived of, illustrated, and developed.

Art of Atari 12-13.jpg

Art of Atari 42-43.jpg

Art of Atari 70-71.jpg

Also, ART OF ATARI features an exclusive foreword by New York Times bestseller Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, soon to be a motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg. Whether you’re a fan, collector, or new to the world of ATARI, this book offers the most complete collection of artwork ever produced!

Art of Atari 122-123.jpgArt of Atari 124-125.jpg

“I have worked alongside the team at Diamond Book Distributors to develop strong relationships with book buyers in all the major chains as well as independent retail,” says Alan Payne, Dynamite’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “We believe ART OF ATARI is poised to be one of the biggest success stories in Dynamite’s publishing history, and I am excited to work both with Diamond as well as all of our partners in bookstores around the world to best position it at retail.”

Art of Atari 140-141.jpgArt of Atari 206-207.jpgArt of Atari 300-301.jpg

For updates, preview art, and more, visit www.artofatari.com, and look for ART OF ATARI when it arrives in a premium 9.625″ x 11″ hardcover format at finer retailers everywhere in October, with a retail price of $39.99, as well as in a special Deluxe Slipcase Edition, featuring a leather-bound cartridge design, Atari Vault Steam key, and exclusive print for $99.99! Preorder your copy today on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or from your favorite local comic book retailer.


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