Which Other Gods Would Make Good Superheroes?

We’re starting to hear a great deal about the 2017 release of “Thor: Ragnarok,” particularly now that some sneak peeks are starting to come out. It will be the third standalone film for Thor (though this one will also involve the Hulk quite heavily), which is actually somewhat-remarkable when you think about it. It’s easy to forget just how bizarre it is to begin with that an actual mythological god became a popular mainstream superhero.

It’s worked pretty well for Marvel, no small thanks to Chris Hemsworth’s spectacularly enjoyable performances. And when you step back and consider the character, it all begs the question of what other gods might work as superheroes. Actually, if you really dig into it, you’ll find that a lot of mythological figures have been used as inspiration for comic book characters. But in terms of modern films, let’s consider a few figures—and avoid the obvious ones—who would be a whole lot of fun in the MCU.

Once featured on a list of lesser-known Egyptian gods that are absolutely terrifying, Satet is kind of a bizarre blend between Cupid and Katniss Everdeen. She supposedly “embodied the Nile flood,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, and was primarily a goddess of fertility. Satet carried jars of purifying water and could conceivably be used to spark some new romances in the MCU.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.46.49 AM

However, she was also a deadly archer, usually depicted as an armed goddess who would attack and slay the pharaoh’s enemies like some sort of divine guardian. All in all, she’d be one of the easier gods (particularly from Egyptian lore, which features a lot of half-animals) to depict in relatively human form. She’d also open the door to Egyptian culture and history for Marvel.

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You may not have heard of Triton, and if you were to look him up, you may confuse him for Poseidon. He’s a virtual unknown in pop culture, though strangely enough he does occupy his own title in a collection of slot machine games at a busy online platform. The bulk of the games involve more well-known characters from film, television, and history, but the five-reel Triton slot stands out as a unique offering. There, the game of “underwater Greek mythology” may as well feature Poseidon, but in actual mythology, the characters are quite different.

Triton is in fact the messenger of other sea gods, equipped with a trident and a special conch shell that allows him to control the tide and waves. He’d be a fascinating addition to the MCU, particularly in allowing the Avengers to communicate overseas now that characters like Doctor Strange and Black Panther are taking the superhero team worldwide.

vidarIf the MCU wanted to continue with its exploration of highly fictionalized Norse mythology, the studio could start by giving Thor one of his most interesting brothers. Vidar was referred to on one list of obscure Norse gods as “The Silent God,” and that alone is pretty intriguing. Basically, he’s a total loner—a son of Odin who wanders around in grassy lands with a sword and a giant almighty boot that’s pretty much an anti-Achilles heel. His purpose is to slay Fenrir, a horrifying wolf-like creature who supposedly does away with Odin in the Ragnarok myth. This means we may be seeing him next year. At least, here’s hoping we do!

There are plenty more out there who could be ideal for placement in the MCU, but these three come to mind because of the specific opportunities they’d present. Satet would build a bridge to ancient Egypt, Triton would answer DC’s Aquaman without ripping him off, and Vidar seems like almost a natural inclusion in “Thor: Ragnarok.”


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