Moviebarcode Let’s You Look At An Entire Movie In One Glorious Image

I, know, I know…. you are probably asking, “WTH? A WHOLE movie in ONE image?” Well, the entity known as “Moviebarcode” has taken entire films, compressed them into what can loosely be called a “barcode” and the end result is rather stunning.


“The Revenant”

MBC, as we call him, or her, (we have no idea as they have remained gender neutral,)  takes every frame of the film and breaks it down to the width of a pixel.  Once they are all lined up…..VOILA! you have a unique image worthy of your coveted wall space.  Take a look at some of our all-time favorite films done up Moviebarcode style and you will see what we are trying to convey.


“The Shining”


“Toy Story”


“Blade Runner”


“2001: A Space Odyssey”


“Kung Fu Panda 3”




“The Hateful 8”


“Purple Rain”


“Finding Nemo”

We could literally keep going for days as he has quite a few to choose from.  CLICK HERE to head over to Moviebarcode’s official Tumblr page and click below to purchase your favorites from Moviebarcode’s official Redbubble store.  You can also follow Moviebarcode on TWITTER for updates on new releases.


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