Insight Editions’ “The Art Of Jock” Is Utterly Spectacular

One of our mostest-favoritist artist working today is Jock.  If you like pop culture, movies, comic books or are simply into amazing art, then Jock is your guy.  Jock is the three times New York Times best-selling British artist best known for his comics work with writer Andy Diggle on DC/Vertigo’s The Losers, the award-winning Batman: The Black Mirror, and Wytches with writer Scott Snyder.


Jock has also produced key art, concept design, and promotional imagery for films including Iron Man 3The Dark Knight Trilogy, DreddStar Wars: Episode VIII, and the Oscar-winning Ex Machina. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he now lives and works in Devon, England.


We absolutely love everything he does and that is not an exaggeration.  We have yet to come across anything he has done that we don’t love in one form or another.  Given our obsession with this talented bloke, you can only imagine how excited we were when it was announced that Insight Editions was going to be releasing a book featuring Jock’s work.


Here is the official press release along with some images and page layouts from the book.

The Art of Jock showcases the uniquely dynamic work of acclaimed artist Jock, from his groundbreaking comics art to his stunning posters for the pop culture company Mondo and his evocative concept illustrations for a range of acclaimed films.


Mark Simpson, known by his pen name, Jock, is an internationally recognized, three time New York Times bestselling artist and Eisner Award nominee. Over the last two decades, Jock has become one of the most distinguished illustrators in comics, with credits that include titles with DC Comics/Vertigo (The Losers, Batman: The Black Mirror, Green Arrow: Year One), Marvel (Savage Wolverine, Daredevil), and his runaway success, Wytches (co-created with Scott Snyder for Image Comics).



He is also known for his extensive work with Mondo—the renowned pop culture company famous for its iconic poster designs and collectibles— including electrifying posters that offer unique interpretations of fan-favorite movies such as Shaun of the Dead, The Thing, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Halloween, and many more. In the movie world, Jock’s concept art has defined the look of major films such as Dredd, Ex Machina, and Star Wars Episode VIII.


Made in collaboration with Mondo, The Art of Jock delves into the prolific artist’s catalog, showcasing not only the best of his sketches and published images, but also personal notes from Jock himself that provide insight into the inner workings of his creative process. Featuring commentary from longtime collaborators such as Scott Snyder and Alex Garland, this look into the mind and method of one of the most critically acclaimed illustrators working today is a must-have for fans of comic book and pop culture art, as well as aspiring artists and illustrators. The Art of Jock arrives in bookstores on September 20, 2016.


Some heavy hitters turned out to help Jock celebrate this book.  Director, actor, producer, and writer Peter Berg does the forward, comic book artist, writer, editor, and publisher Jim Lee did the introduction and writer and collaborator Scott Snyder did the afterword.  (Pretty esteemed company to say the least.)


For us it was great to get the insight of Jock’s early beginnings on Judge Dredd with 2000 AD and follow his career along up to present day.  Aside from being one of our all-time favorite artists, the man has turned in work for some of our all-time favorite characters including Wolverine, Daredevil and of course….Batman.  (Jock’s rendition of the Joker is STILL one of the creepiest we’ve ever laid our eyes on and we love it!)




To say this book is a “must-have” for fans is an understatement.  This book is a must-have for anyone who loves pop culture and the creative process that goes into bringing films, comic books etc. to life.  Insight Editions has once again put together a “lavishly produced and visually stimulating” edition worthy of anyone’s collection.  We are proud to have his work on our walls and now this book on the top shelf of our personal collection. We HIGHLY recommend you preorder your copy today.

(The Art of Jock will be available on September 20th 2016)


You can preorder THE ART OF JOCK HERE


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