We Can’t Get Enough Of Avatar 666’s Custom Dunny Figures

We are huge fans of Kid Robot’s vinyl Dunny Figures.  If you are not familiar with these awesome figures, DUNNY is a blank canvas designed to be repainted and reinterpreted by artists from many different backgrounds.

The other day we were perusing the interwebs when we came across some rather sensational customizations of these figures and we knew we had to get more info.  The artist goes by the moniker of Avatar 666 and his work is highly desirable.  The figures that initially grabbed out attention and got us to drooling where his Batman v Deadpool figures, but as we delved into his portfolio, we found a cornucopia of undeniable awesomeness.




(Yep, those katanas actually come out!) 


We reached out this mad genius and he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.  Here is what he had to say.

BLURPPY:  How did you get started doing custom Dunny figures and how long have you been creating them?

AVATAR 666:  I started making customs almost seven years ago as a hobby, but since three years ago I began to devote myself almost entirely to it. I started with a custom contest organized in a Mexican art toy forum I found interesting and won third place. I was surprised to find out that Mexico already had some recognized artists in this theme such as Mr. Mitote or Frank Mysterio



(Princess Mononoke, 3″ Dunny)

BLURPPY:  What is your process and how long does each one take?

AVATAR 666:  The process varies depending of the platform, the complexity of the work and details that the customer can request. On average I can spend a couple of days modeling and two days for paint and finishing. I do not know exactly because I usually work on different customs and platforms at the same time to avoid getting bored.



(American Depress Dunny)

BLURPPY:  Do you have a personal favorite from the figures you have made so far?

AVATAR 666:  I do not have a clear favorite, there are some that are more fun to make than others but I’m usually pleased with the end result most of the time.  Maybe Nico (mini-munny) can be the favorite because it was the first custom I ever did.


(Nico mini-munny)

BLURPPY:  Are all your figures “one of one” creations or do you make limited edition sets?

AVATAR 666:  Most are unique pieces, sometimes customers ask me for variants of the same piece and then I have to make molds and resin pieces. Also the ground work for the collective “Made in Mexico, Dunny custom series” where we do 2 series of customs annually, usually each guest artist makes five equal pieces and they have to be handmade one by one.

BLURPPY: I see a bunch of collections in your portfolio, what is the story behind those?



AVATAR 666:  Since three years ago, twice a year, a group of Mexican designers (Hecho en México) organize a Dunny custom series based off a common theme.  There are between 10 to 14 designers and each artist makes 5 Dunny customs.

1st: Hecho en México

2nd: Día de muertos

3rd: DMX 3

4th: Vault of Horrors

5th: Evolution What if… (with special guests from Spain and Venezuela)

6th Necrodunnycon   (coming soon, with special guests from Spain and Venezuela) 


We try to hold down the price, $105 USD + shipping, when commonly a customized series would charge around $130 – $150 USD per custom.

Here are the sales details for the next series:

-Blind box cost will be $105 USD + shipping from México 

Sales will start October 20th at 12:00 pm GMT -6 

-To acquire a blind box you just have to send an email to dunnyhechoenmexico@gmail.com, indicating the number of pieces you would like and a PayPal account where an invoice can be sent, it has to be paid within 24 hours or the order will be cancelled. 

-Total amount of available pieces is 50, and will be reduced as each order is paid. 

– 3 chases, made by Hooligan, Tadeo Mendoza and HX Studio 

-1 golden ticket made by Shiffa McNasty (the golden ticket winner will just have to cover shipping costs) 

-If you wish to secure a complete set of 10 pieces, you can ask for it at the same email address above.  You will have to do it quickly, because sets will be taken from the 50 available pieces and if you are late it’s probable that you may not complete it.

Shipping – will be calculated for every order

-All orders will be shipped no later than October 24th 


BLURPPY:  Perfect timing!  Hear me now folks, mark your calendars, October 20th, and get ready to drop some loot because this next round is going to be off the hook!  I can’t get over how amazing the other series are too. I’m completely in love with the Vault of Horrors and Evolution sets.  Outstanding work.  Will your work be in any exhibits coming up?


AVATAR 666:  I live in Mexico and it is not common to see exhibits down here where this type of work can be accommodated.  I have been invited to some exhibitions in the United States for the Clutter Gallery shows and some events like Designer Con etc. but the issue of shipments, commissions and that sort of thing gets a bit complicated, shipping from México is very expensive. 

I´m very happy because this year one of my works has been nominated for “Custom of the Year” in the Designer Toy Awards http://designertoyawards.com/categories/27


I want to take this opportunity to mention that I am starting a new project about production art toys made in Mexico, for that reason all products in my store are 25% off and free shipping to anywhere in the world using the code 4ABIGGERPROJECT.

Huge thank you to Avatar 666 for taking the time to get us more acquainted with his work. Use the links below to follow his adventures and don’t sleep on October 20th, those sets will be gone before you know it.







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