Let Blurppy Help You Spend Those Holiday Gift Cards

You survived the holidays and now you have a bunch of those handy-dandy gift cards burning a whole in your pocket.  I know some people frown on them but we LOVE them because it allows us to get EXACTLY what we want.  Here are some ideas for you to spend them on.

gift-cardsYou want to get something for your kids, well look no further.  Give them a gift that magnifies the true brilliance that people are capable of.  One of our all-time favorite author’s Brad Meltzer has an outstanding series of kid’s books titled “I Am….”  Each book focuses on someone in history whose story is meant to inspire and give you some insight on the path THEY took to greatness.   As Brad says, “These aren’t the stories of famous people.  This is what we’re ALL capable of on our very best days.”

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-3-55-03-pm screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-3-55-15-pm screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-3-55-39-pmIt seems like the news is filled with doom and gloom, hatred and desperation these days. Show your kids that THEY can make a difference, THEIR actions can bring about change and have them read these fantastic stories about these sensational people. 

Each book in the “I Am” series can be purchased HERE

If you haven’t guessed by our background and header images, we are HUGE fans of Batman.  We’ve been reading the comics and graphic novels for more years than we care to mention and now you can get this amazing set of Batman Rainbow Action Figures.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-4-15-29-pmEach of these figures is over six inches tall and they are inspired by 1957’s Detective Comics #241.  This one is a must-have for fans of Gotham’s protector and the set can be purchased HERE.

Gig posters have come a long way and there is a new book with some stunning images called, “OMG Posters: A Decade Of Rock Art.


As the name says, this book is filled with gig posters for some of today’s top rock and indie bands done by over 40 incredible artists including: Ken Taylor, Kevin Tong, Scott Campbell, Aaron Horkey, Tyler Stout, Tom Whalen, Rich Kelly and more.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-4-33-13-pm screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-4-33-47-pmThe book is packed with over 300 images and gig posters for bands including: Spoon, Mogwai, Bon Iver, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, The XX, Jack White, Primus, The Avett Brothers, Duran Duran, The Black Keys and many more.

The art is as diverse as the bands it represents and will immediately capture your interest again and again. The book is oversized and measures 11 X 14 inches so it really lets you appreciate the art within.  This one is a must-have for music and art collectors alike and it can be purchased HERE.

Gamers and fans of Xbox should DEFINITELY take a moment and design their own, custom-colored controller over in the Xbox Design Lab.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-5-08-07-pmYou can customize the body, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumb sticks, the back and more to mak your contriller a one of one.  With over eight million possible color combinations and free custom engraving, these will let you stand out from the masses with style.

CLICK HERE to design and order yours today.

Want to decorate your office or make your teenager the envy of all their friends at the skatepark?  Check out these custom skateboard decks from The Poster Posse.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-8-46-41-amThey’ve created over 10 designs utilizing different shaped skateboard decks to offer you a unique piece of art to hang or skate.


These cool, custom decks can be purchased HERE.

Video games these days are just too much for me to play. Right back, left back, thumbsticks and D-pads get REALLY confusing and I just end up dying over and over and over again.  Take a trip BACK in time with the new Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition system.

nintendoIt may fit in the palm of your hand but it’s packed with 30 of the best retro-video games ever created including: Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Tecmo Bowl, Ghosts’N Goblins and more.  Coming in at only $59.99 this lil’ must-have will suck up all your free time and very little of your gift cards.


The NES Classic Edition can be purchased HERE

If there is one thing that Disney knows, it is how to market their most popular characters and such is the case with the little droid from The Force Awakens, BB-8.  The lovable droid has been on backpacks, measuring cup sets, mini-fridges, track jackets, slippers,  beach towels and even a waffle maker, just to name a few.  One of OUR favorites are the architectural desk lamps.

bb8_desk_lampThese officially licensed items come in two sizes, large and small and will make any desk look instantly better.  You can purchase these BB-8 architectural desk lamps HERE.

Earlier we showed you an awesome art book featuring gig posters and now we want to share another art book but this one features alternative movie posters.



ARTtitude and Poster Spy have collaborated on a new book that is perfect for giving and definitely something that we want to GET under our tree this holiday season.  The book is called “Poster Spy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection and it features some outstanding art from 58 artists all around the world.


Featuring a geek-tacular cover by the artist Cranio Dsgn, the book gives you some personal insight to 58 artists from all over the world and has 248 pages packed with tons of incredible alternative movie poster art.


Artists included in this book are from all over the world and include: Adam Cockerton, Adam McDaniel, Andrew Swainson, Andy Fairhurst, Arden Avett, Ben Turner, Chris Garofalo, Cranio Dsgn, Daniel Nash, Daniel Norris, Dave Stafford, Derek Eads, Doaly, Dres13, Edgar Ascensao, Felix Tindall, Freya Betts, Giuseppe Balestra, Harlan Elam, Ignacio RC, Javier Vera Lainez, Jeremy Wheeler, John Aslarona, John Keaveney, Josh Campbell, Joshua Kelly, Kevin Tiernan,


Ladislas Chachignot, Laura Racero, Liam Brazier, Liza Shumskaya, Luke Butland, Mainger, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Matt Griffin, Matt Needle, Matt Talbot, Michael Friebe, Mike Gambriel, Mobokeh, Neil Davies, Peter Strain, Rafal Rola, Rich Davies, Robert Lockley, Salvador Anguiano, Sam Gilbey, Scott Saslow, Scott Woolston, SG Posters, Sharm Murugiah, Simon Carpenter, Simon Caruso, Simon Delart, Steven Key, The Dark Inker, Tom Fournier, Tsuchinoko, Viktor Hertz.

 Poster Spy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection“ is limited to only 1000 copies and can be ordered HERE.

If you just wanna plop down in front of the television and engage in some futuristic butt-kicking, then Titanfall 2 is the video game for you.


Bigger weapons make better friends in Titanfall 2, the epic follow-up to the genre-redefining Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment gives you the most advanced titan technology in its new, expansive single player campaign and multiplayer experience. Combine and conquer with new titans and pilots, deadlier weapons, and feature-rich customization and progression system that helps you and your titan flow as one unstoppable killing force. Unite and destroy. Become One.





We got this one for Christmas and MAN-O-MAN is it addicting!  I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard to put this one down.  Of course, I’m absolutely horrible at it and my 11 year old son is a beast, slaying everything in his path.  That being said, I’m still having a blast with it and highly recommend it to anyone at any age.

TITANFALL 2 can be purchased HERE

Don’t be a miser and hoard all your gift cards.  They were meant to be spent!  Get out there, find YOUR favorite things and bring them into your humble abode and enjoy them.  Hopefully this list will give you a few new ideas.



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