Watch This Scintillating Featurette As Marvel’s “Infinity War” Begins Filming

“What we always try to do at Marvel Studios is we’re building the cinematic universe   look at the big picture, how can things relate across movies and across years…”

-Kevin Feige


Kevin Feige is to Marvel as Steve Jobs was to Apple.  He is a master planner and everything in the Marvel Universe has been leading up to this, “Infinity War.”  Here is a quick featurette that talks about the six Infinity Stones and gives fans some insight behind what looks to be unlike any other movie Marvel has ever done.

“Avengers ‘Infinity War’ is the culmination of the entire marvel cinematic universe as started in may of 2008 with the release of Iron Man 1. It really is an unprecedented culmination of a series of films, interlinked together.”


“We know they are going to face Thanos, we’ve been setting that up since Avengers 1. how do you do that in a way that is unexpected that pits the Avengers against somebody who is more powerful than anyone they’ve faced and yet make them completely unprepared to face him?  Well, tear them apart which is why we did Civil War before Infinity War.” – Kevin Feige


“The most exciting part is the incredible roster of well developed characters and it’s going to create a really combustible, exciting, massive scale adventure.  Because of what Marvel is, because of what they have done over the last 10 years, these next two Avengers films will be an event like no one has ever seen on film before.” – Joe Russo


We were geeked up before this featurette but after watching these three minutes and thirty seven seconds of hype, we are counting the days until is hits theaters!  Let us know what YOU think down in the comments section below.



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