Dark Hall Mansion & Laurent Durieux Embrace The 1939 Classic “Gone With The Wind”

“With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.”

–  Rhett Butler


Released in 1939 and set during the turbulent times of the American Civil War, “Gone With The Wind,” is an epic historical romance film that has weathered the test of time and remains a fan favorite some 78 years later.  With an all star cast that includes Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Olivia de Havilland as Melanie Hamilton, the film took over the 12th Academy Awards winning a record eight of the competitive categories after being nominated 13 times. (It won for: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Interior Decoration, and Best Editing.)


Today, Dark Hall Mansion has unveiled the next print in their impressive, Seminal Film Series and they have called upon the sensational talents of Laurent Durieux to pay homage to “Gone With The Wind.” Laurent was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about this project for us.


BLURPPY: How do you approach a title/ film as iconic as “Gone With The Wind?”

Laurent Durieux:  I approach the title pretty much like any other, with the same exigence, love and respect for the movie. I try to not think about how huge the property is as I know from experience that this doesn’t bring anything good for the art. I need to remain focused on all creative and narrative aspects of the image I’m building.

BLURPPY: What’s the biggest challenge when working with a title as timeless and beloved as “Gone With The Wind?”


(Laurent’s concept sketch for “Gone With The Wind.”)

Laurent Durieux: To create a new image which doesn’t betray the spirit of the movie and also, of course, not to disappoint. Also, I try as much as I can to dig in deep into the movie and psychology of the characters to come up with an new take on it. For example, Scarlett is a lonely woman, surrounded by death, including the death of the love Rhett had for her.


BLURPPY: Is there something you specifically tried to convey to the viewer “Gone With The Wind” as a film, by way of the mood and tone in this piece?

Laurent Durieux:   I wanted to work with contrast of warm and cold colors.  The cold ones are obviously for Scarlett (which is a sort of red by the way) whose heart is cold. The staircase from Tara is leading into nowhere, it vanishes in the darkness. Rhett is coming down after being rejected, one last time, Ashley’s portrait is visually blocking his ascension to Scarlett’s love.


Here is what Dark Hall Mansion has to say about the project in their official press release.

Dark Hall Mansion, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, welcomes back artist Laurent Durieux for his take on one of the most notable of all golden age cinema classics, “GONE WITH THE WIND.” Few words are needed to comment on this 1939 film’s landmark place in cinematic history, Laurent’s piece addresses its varied themes and arc with boldness and subtlety.


“GONE WITH THE WIND” Standard Edition of 345, 10 color screenprint  $70
“GONE WITH THE WIND” Foil Edition of 20, 8 color screenprint  $150
(based on Std edition colorway) 
 “GONE WITH THE WIND” Select Canvas edition $250
(15 based on Standard colorway, 15  based on Variant colorway)

From his powerful yet emotionally conflicted rendering of Leigh’s expression as Scarlett O’Hara to the visual concept for Scarlett herself as both woman and thematic entity, Laurent’s piece lends itself to charged contemplation. On closeup you’ll find his address of the horrors of war, the destruction of Tara, the famed exit of Clark Gable’s Rhett Butler, as well as more subtle elements throughout such Ashley’s image in Scarlett’s hand, the inscriptions on varied tombstones and more. Laurent’s piece is also at once evocative of original 1930’s vintage movie posters while still very contemporary in approach and personal to the artist’s style and aesthetic.


“GONE WITH THE WIND” Variant Edition of 145, 10 color screenprint  $100
“GONE WITH THE WIND” Foil Edition of 20, 8 color screenprint  $150
(based on Variant edition colorway)  
 “GONE WITH THE WIND” Select Canvas edition $250
(15 based on Standard colorway, 15  based on Variant colorway)

DHM’s Laurent Durieux “GONE WITH THE WIND” limited editions measure 24″ x 36,” are all -color screen prints, strictly limited and individually hand numbered. The select canvas run of only 30 editions worldwide are giclee printed on canvas and hand numbered.


These officially licensed “GONE WITH THE WIND” Laurent Durieux limited edition screen prints will be available Friday, March 24th, at 12:30 PM PST exclusively via Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated store page:



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