Dark Hall Mansion & Dave Perillo Give Us “Peanuts: Through The Years”

Dark Hall Mansion always delivers outstanding art projects and when it comes to their Peanuts and Charlie Brown releases. They always pulls at the heart-strings from our youth and take us on a blissful jaunt down memory lane.  Such is the case with today’s reveal of Dave Perillo’sPeanuts: Through The Years.

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Quick test… can YOU name all the Peanuts characters featured?  I found myself grasping at straws for a few but here they are, all in one glorious print.  Speaking of which, from top left to bottom right: Pig-Pen, Sally, Violet, Marcie, Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Olaf (one of Snoopy’s brothers), Charlie Brown, Peggy Jean, Frieda, Lucy, Rerun van Pelt (Linus’ little brother), Eudora, Shermy, Five, 3 & 4, Patty, Spike (Snoopy’s other brother), Schroeder.


Standard edition of 280 printed on cougar natural paper stock  $65

Foil-Standard edition of 10 printed on foil paper (based on Standard edition colorway)  $150

Here is the official release from DHM for Dave Perillo’s “Peanuts: Through The Years.”

Dark Hall Mansion is very pleased to welcome back artist Dave Perillo for our official, limited edition Peanuts print release, “Peanuts: Through The Years,available Tuesday, April 4th at 12:30 PM-PST.


(Artist Dave Perillo)

Dave’s aptly titled piece encompasses Charles M. Schulz’s classic Peanuts characters and the gift that is his timeless legacy to generations to come.  With everyone’s beloved favorites present, along with some special treats and touches for the diligent Peanuts fan to spot, Dave’s piece brings home the charm as Snoopy and Woodstock finish off with just the right touch.


Variant edition of 50 printed on bright white paper stock  $95

Foil-Variant edition of 10 printed on foil paper (based on Variant edition colorway)  $150


(detail shot)

Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Schroeder, Franklin, Marcie, Pigpen, Peppermint Patty and more, the gang’s all here!  As are special touches like Lunus and his most special of blankets, Rerun, his little brother, some of Snoopy’s family members that fans will recognize from Schulz strips, along with charming touchstones such as Frieda and her”naturally curly hair,” Five (that’d be the spiky haired kid, he of the coolest dance move in “A Charlie Brown Christmas!) and Peppermint Patty on the phone ringing up a certain ballplayer friend, the inimitable Charlie Brown.


(detail shot)

“PEANUTS: THROUGH THE YEARS” limited edition Dave Perillo prints go on sale Tuesday, April 4th, on DHM’s dedicated STORE PAGE.
at 12:30 PM-PST!


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