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Season 2 of Adult Swim’s Brilliant:”Rick & Morty” Coming To Blu-ray & DVD June 7th

This June, the #1 Adult Swim show will teleport into homes when Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season debuts on Blu-ray™ and DVD June 7th.  The release features all 10 of the hilarious inter-dimensional episodes with guest stars Stephen … Continue reading

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Dark Hall Mansion Announces The Third Print In Their Seminal Film Series: “The War of the Worlds” By Tom Whalen

Dark Hall Mansion’s ongoing Seminal Film Series has been a thing of pure beauty.  The first two prints in the series were done by Brussels’s best, Laurent Durieux.  Laurent turned in absolutely sensational prints for the classic 1927 film “Metropolis” … Continue reading

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Did A UFO Cause The Mysterious Disappearance of Lightning XS894?

On September 8, 1970, 28-year-old American exchange pilot Captain William Schaffner scrambled from RAF Binbrook to intercept an unidentified aircraft threatening UK airspace.  The flight – a training exercise – sadly ended with the pilot’s death after his aircraft struck … Continue reading

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‘Alien’ and Floating Orb Captured On Film In The Amazon Rainforest

Uhhhhhhh….a picture, taken from video footage, which purportedly shows an alien lurking in the Amazon, shows an unidentified being standing with its back arched a few feet from a what looks like a floating orb of light behind a group … Continue reading

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The Darkest Hour – Trailer and Interview With The Movie’s Star Emile Hirsch

The Darkest Hour is an upcoming 3D science-fiction film directed by Chris Gorak and produced by Timur Bekmambetov. The movie depicts a present day alien invasion in Russia and stars Olivia Thirlby and Emile Hirsch as young people caught in … Continue reading

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July 8th, 1947: The Roswell Incident

1947: Days after something shiny crashed in the New Mexico desert, the Roswell Army Air Field issues a press release that says the military has recovered the remains of a “flying disc.” Although quickly discounted as erroneous, the announcement lays … Continue reading

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