“The Man Who Fell To Earth” Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Arrives 1/24/17

“Well I’m not a scientist. But I know all things begin and end in eternity.”

– Thomas Jerome Newton (David Bowie)


Relive the imaginative and compelling cult classic, The Man Who Fell to Earth, when the Limited Collector’s Edition arrives on Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus Digital HD) January 24 from Lionsgate. International icon David Bowie stars in his unforgettable debut role as an alien who has ventured to Earth on a mission to save his planet from a catastrophic drought. In honor of David Bowie’s legacy, the limited collector’s edition Blu-ray Combo Pack includes never-before-seen interviews, brand new artwork, a 72-page bound book, press booklet, four art cards and a mini poster. Hailed as “the most intellectually provocative genre film of the 1970s” by Time Out, the remastered The Man Who Fell to Earth Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available for the suggested retail price of $34.99.


·       David Bowie Interview – French TV 1977

·       New Interview with Costume Designer May Routh Featuring Original Costume Sketches

·       New Interview with Stills Photographer David James Featuring Behind-the-Scenes Stills

·       New Interview with fan Sam Taylor-Johnson

·       New Interview with Producer Michael Deeley

·       New “The Lost Soundtracks” Featurette, Featuring Interviews with Paul Buckmaster and Author Chris Campion

·       Interview with Candy Clark

·       Interview with Writer Paul Mayersberg

·       Interview with Cinematographer Tony Richmond

·       Interview with Director Nicolas Roeg



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Photographer Philippe Echaroux Turns The Amazon Rainforest Into A Canvas

What better way to bring attention to the plight of the Amazon Rainforest that to turn it into a massive canvas?  French photographer, Philippe Echaroux has taken portraits of the indigenous Suri tribe and then projected them up onto the trees of the rainforest.  The end result is stunning to say the least.  Here’s a look…






Take a moment to check out these charities that are desperately trying to preserve the rainforests.










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What’s Up Doc? Check Out DHM & Jerrod Maruyama’s “Bugs & Friends”

I can still remember the Saturday mornings of my youth.  I’d wake up early, sneak downstairs, grab a box of donuts, get a big glass of milk and sit on the couch watching cartoons for the rest of the morning.  One of my favorites was Looney Tunes with Bugs Bunny and all his friends like Wile Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam and of course, Marvin the Martian and his Space Modulator.


Dark Hall Mansion has released some prints that are PERFECT for fans like me who love Bugs and his shenanigans.  Here is what DHM had to say about their latest release.


Dark Hall Mansion is pleased to welcome leading contemporary artist Jerrod Maruyama on for our latest officially licensed limited edition fine art print release, “Bugs & Friends,” in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

We’ve been looking forward to debuting DHM’s upcoming series of official Warner Bros limited edition print releases for specific classic Warner Bros cartoons as well as character driven cartoon editions featuring the truly incomparable cast of legendary characters that makes up the Warner Bros’ animation legacy, so what better place to start than with Bugs Bunny!!


Artist Jerrod Maruyama, whose large body of work includes that for Warner Bros, Disney, Disney Japan, DreamWorks and more knows a thing or two about animation, especially being a gallery exhibiting artist, and we were instantly charmed by his take on everyone’s favorite rabbit as a host of quite famous villains awaits Bugs’ arrival, yet we can almost hear Bugs’ insouciant, “Eh…What’s up, doc?” as he bests yet again!


A piece we’re looking forward to framing up here, we hope longtime Warner Bros Looney Tunes fans truly enjoy and get a kick out of remembering each character’s quite singular encounter with the wily rabbit while also taking note of Bugs’ digs and such details as Jerrod’s inclusion of a certain adorable and sentimental penguin and his extraordinary attachment to Bugs…who can forget 1949’s “Frigid Hare” and 1950’s “8 Ball Bunny!”


“Bugs & Friends” Standard 18″ x 24″ Edition of 150 $65
“Bugs & Friends” Standard 11″ x 14″ Edition of 150 $35
“Bugs & Friends” Select Std 18″ x 24″ canvas edition of 50 $125
“Bugs & Friends” Select Std 11″ x 14″ canvas edition of 50 $75

All officially licensed Dark Hall Mansion limited edition “Bugs & Friends” fine art prints are available in either 18″ x 24″ or 11″ x 14″ paper and canvas editions are on sale on DHM’s dedicated STORE PAGE.


“Bugs & Friends” Variant 18″ x 24″ Edition of 100 $65
“Bugs & Friends” Variant 11″ x 14″ Edition of 100 $35
“Bugs & Friends” Select Variant 18″ x 24″ canvas edition of 50 $125
“Bugs & Friends” Select Variant 11″ x 14″ canvas edition of 50 $75

DHM’s official “Bugs & Friends” fine art limited editions are officially licensed, strictly limited, hand numbered and giclee printed.

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Disney’s New Trailer For “Beauty and the Beast” Is Magical

“Belle you must leave here… this castle is alive!”


When Disney first released “Beauty and the Beast” back in 1991 it was…well … a beast.  It was the first animated feature to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and it was the third highest grossing film of the year.


Beauty and the Beast

Fast forward to today and now we get a new look at the CGI/ live action take on the tale of Belle and The Beast and it’s pure magic.  We absolutely LOVE the way it starts with the Disney castle being replaced by Beast’s castle.  Sit back and enjoy the full trailer for Disney’s 2017 blockbuster…”Beauty and the Beast.”


Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. “Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. The film stars: Emma Watson as Belle; Dan Stevens as the Beast; Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome, but shallow villager who woos Belle; Oscar® winner Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s eccentric, but lovable father; Josh Gad as Lefou, Gaston’s long-suffering aide-de-camp; Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, the candelabra; Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Oscar nominee Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and two-time Academy Award® winner Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts.


Directed by Oscar® winner Bill Condon based on the 1991 animated film, “Beauty and the Beast” is produced by Mandeville Films’ David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman with eight-time Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken, who won two Academy Awards® (Best Original Score and Best Song) for the 1991 animated film, providing the score, which will include new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Howard Ashman, as well as several new songs written by Menken and three-time Oscar winner Tim Rice. “Beauty and the Beast” will be released in U.S. theaters on March 17, 2017.

Stay up to date with Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” via these official links.






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The First Trailer For “Ghost In The Shell” Is Pure Eye Candy

“Maybe next time you can design me better…”


We can’t WAIT to watch director Rupert Sanders, upcoming film take on one of the most popular Japanese mangas of all time, “Ghost in the Shell.”  The film stars Juliette Binoche, Takeshi Kitano, Michael Pitt and of course, Scarlett Johansson as “The Major.”


There has been a bunch of backlash in the casting of Johansson as “The Major” given that the original character was Japanese.  Here is what Sanders had to say at the press launch for the trailer in Tokyo.


“To me, you know, I cast very much from the gut and I think I was very lucky to be able to get an amazing international cast of people that I’ve always really wanted to work with,” he said. “Scarlett was one of those people, and to me there’s very few actresses who’ve had 20 years of experience, who have the cyberpunk aesthetic already baked in. You know, she comes from such edgy films from Lost in Translation to Under the Skin — she’s got an incredible body of work and the attitude and toughness of her really is to me The Major.”



“But also what she’s done incredibly in this film is she’s playing an android, she’s a synthetic body with a human mind inside. She did an incredible job of nuancing the human evolving through the machine, and in a way I think why it’s very relative to a large audience, it’s kind of a coming of age story and it’s a realization of ‘I am what I am — whatever’s happened to me, good or bad, that is the sum of who I am now.’”


This one looks like a cross between the Wachowski’s “The Matrix” and Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner.”  Needless to say, we can’t wait and after watching this trailer, we have a feeling that you will feel the same way.

“Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, “GHOST IN THE SHELL” follows Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the elite task force Section 9. Devoted to stopping the most dangerous criminals and extremists, Section 9 is faced with an enemy whose singular goal is to wipe out Hanka Robotic’s advancements in cyber technology.”

Stay up to date with “GHOST IN THE MACHINE” via these official links.

Official Website




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Enter To Win The Complete 6th Season of Game of Thrones On DVD!

“The real war is between the Living and The Dead… and make no mistake… the dead are coming…”


The Game of Thrones fan base is a behemoth of passionate, dedicated individuals who have cast their alliances to various houses within the Game of Thrones universe.  One thing we can all agree on is that Season 6 was fantastic and much like years past, has left us craving more.


Well Blurppy is here to sate your thirst for all things Westeros and beyond with a new sweepstakes. We will be giving away one DVD copy of the complete 6th season of Game of Thrones to a lucky winner who will be chosen at random on November 15th and announced via TWITTER.  Winning is easy and you can enter as many times as you want. Simply follow Blurppy on TWITTER and tweet the following message:

“I wanna win @Blurppy‘s #GameOfThrones sweepstakes! goo.gl/OayxQy” 

Here’s the official announcement from HBO about the upcoming Blu-ray/ DVD release.


Last year’s Emmy® Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series and currently nominated for 23 2016 Emmy® Awards including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing Outstanding Supporting Actress (Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams) and Outstanding Supporting Actor (Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington), Game of Thrones is bigger than ever delivering “the power and pathos fans have come to expect” (Los Angeles Times).  The HBO drama has consistently been the top selling TV on DVD/BD for the past five years and now fans can get the most recent season earlier than ever when Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season debuts from HBO Home Entertainment on Digital HD on August 1, 2016 and on Blu-ray™ with Digital HD and DVD November 15, 2016. The set features all 10 episodes, plus extensive bonus content:

 Digital HD Download

·  Bran’s Journey – A nine-minute feature delving into the shocking and revelatory journey Bran Stark took in Season 6.  

·  The Dothraki World – Behind-the-Scenes featurette bringing viewers up to speed on the Dothraki culture, not seen since Season 1.

·  Inside Game of Thrones: Prosthetics – Behind-the-Scenes featurette detailing what goes into the show’s prosthetics creation.

·  The Game Revealed – Five-part series covering the creation of Season 6’s most epic set pieces and scenes. 


Blu-ray™ with Digital Copy – includes all DVD features plus:

·  In-Episode Guide – Dig deeper into the show with this in-feature resource that provides background information about on-screen characters, locations, and relevant histories.

·  Histories and Lore – Learn about the mythology of Westeros and Essos as told from the varying perspectives of the characters themselves in 18 history pieces.

·  The Old Way: narrated by Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk)

·  The Kingsmoot: narrated by Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk)

·  The Sunset Sea: narrated by Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk)

·  War of the Ninepenny Kings: narrated by Brother Ray (Ian McShane)

·  The Great Tourney at Harrenhal: narrated by Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick)

·  Robert’s Rebellion: narrated by Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

·  Vaes Dothrak: narrated by Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen)

·  The Dothraki: narrated by Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen)

·  Northern Allegiances to House Stark: narrated by Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner)

·  Children of the Forest vs. the First Men: narrated by the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow)

·  Brotherhood Without Banners: narrated by Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye)

·  Oldtown: narrated by Grand Maester Pycelle (Julian Glover) and Qyburn (Anton Lesser)

·  House Dayne: narrated by Young Ned Stark (Robert Aramayo)

·  The Little Birds: narrated by Lord Varys (Conleth Hill)

·  Knights of the Vale: narrated by Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish (Aidan Gillen)

·  House Tarly: narrated by Randyll Tarly (James Faulkner)

·  Riverrun: narrated by Brynden ‘the Blackfish’ Tully (Clive Russell)

·  Great Sept of Baelor: narrated by the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce)


·  The Battle of the Bastards: An In-Depth Look – Behind-the-scenes piece examining the production challenges of creating this epic event, including explorations of VFX, stunts, and interviews with key cast and crew.

·  Recreating the Dothraki World – Behind-the-scenes piece looking at the creation of Vaes Dothrak and its importance to Dany’s evolution.

·  18 Hours at the Paint Hall –Follow all three shooting units as they converge in this behind-the-scenes snapshot of a day in the life of the largest show on television

·  Audio Commentaries – The most commentaries ever recorded for Game of Thrones, featuring:

·  Episode 601: Director Jeremy Podeswa, Director of Photography Greg Middleton, and Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne)

·  Episode 602: Writer Dave Hill, Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton), Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), and Ben Crompton (Dolorous Edd)

·  Episode 603: Director Daniel Sackheim, Production Designer Deborah Riley, and Dean-Charles Chapman (Tommen Baratheon)

·  Episode 604: Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont),  and Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm)

·  Episode 605 (2 commentaries): Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy), Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy), Ellie Kendrick (Meera Reed), and Kristian Nairn (Hodor); Prosthetics Supervisor Barrie Gower, Camera Operators Chris Plevin and Ben Wilson, and Executive Producer Bernadette Caulfield

·  Episode 606: Director Jack Bender, Director of Photography Jonathan Freeman, John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), and Hannah Murray (Gilly)

·  Episode 607: Producer/Writer Bryan Cogman, Ian McShane (Septon Ray), and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell)

·  Episode 608: Director Mark Mylod, Essie Davis (Lady Crane), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister)

·  Episode 609 (2 commentaries): Director Miguel Sapochnik, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), and Kit Harington (Jon Snow); Director of Photography Fabian Wagner, Visual Effects Producer Steve Kullback, and Visual Effects Supervisor Joe Bauer

·  Episode 610 (2 commentaries): Executive Producers/Writers David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister); Special Effects Supervisor Sam Conway, Camera Operator Sean Savage, and Producer Chris Newman

·  Deleted Scenes – Four deleted scenes.


The most-watched series in HBO history and a worldwide TV phenomenon, Game of Thrones returns with another power season. This year, after the shocking developments at the end of Season 5 – including Jon Snow’s bloody fate at the hands of Castle Black mutineers, Daenerys’ near-demise at the fighting pits of Meereen, and Cersei’s public humiliation in the streets of King’s Landing – survivors from all parts of Westeros and Essos regroup to press forward, inexorably, towards their uncertain individual fates. Familiar faces will forge new alliances to bolster their strategic chances at survival, while new characters will emerge to challenge the balance of power in the east, west, north and south.


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