Marvel Releases A New Poster & TV Premier Date For “Inhumans”


On September 1, Marvel begins a whole new adventure with a group of very special people.  “Inhumans will be Marvel’s new series on ABC this fall but they are kicking it off in a big way.  The first 2 episodes will be shown exclusively at IMAX theaters for a two week run.  Following that, ABC will then debut the first episode on Tuesday, September 26 with 8 more episodes lined up.

Today we get a brand new poster for the series that features Black Bolt, Medusa, and Maximus.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 8.40.24 AM

After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where their surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them may prove to not only save them, but Earth itself.


OH….and if you are excited to see their moon base Attilan, it looks like things have changed…..

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.03.10 AM


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Dark Hall Mansion Presents “The Wizard of OZ” by James Eads

Since 1939 director Victor Fleming’s “The Wizard of OZ” has stood the test of time and it still beloved by fans all over the world.  Iconic, lovable characters, a despicable villain and of course, Judy Garland make this one worthy of the immense adulation heaped upon it year after year after year.


Today, Dark Hall Mansion is announcing their release of 2 spectacular versions of “The Wizard of Oz” by artist James Eads.  Here is the official announcement.  These prints go onsale TUESDAY, JUNE 27th at 12:30 PST HERE > DARK HALL MANSION STORE


Standard 18″ x 24″ Edition of 280  $65
Select 18″ x 24″ Foil-Edition of 10 (based on Std edition colorway)  $150


(The Wizard goes up, up and away!)

Dark Hall Mansion,, is excited to share our latest officially licensed limited edition fine art print release in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for the incomparable 1939 movie classic, “THE WIZARD OF OZ,” by contemporary artist James Eads and available Tuesday, June 27th!

We’re so pleased to have James Eads on for this print, his style so distinct as to compliment the unique place that “THE WIZARD OF OZ” occupies in cinematic history. From his unique stylistic renderings and bold use of color James celebrates the film’s beautiful color palette while also including some fun hidden treats that fans will enjoy seeking out. Whether it’s a hidden blue monkey, Glinda’s bubble or the Wizard’s hot air balloon James proves there’s no place like home as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and of course, Toto, all head down the yellow brick road to an unforgettable adventure.

The immeasurable and emotional influence of “THE WIZARD OF OZ” on movie fans, creative types and society across decades is as undeniable as is the film’s resonance on generations of creatives, not solely filmmakers but all within creative endeavors of any kind. DHM is pleased to release James Eads’ unique and officially licensed art print as he has has truly brought his style and flavor to bear on this singular film.

Variant 18″ x 24″ Edition of 50  $95
Select 18″ x 24″ Foil-Edition of 10 (based on Variant edition colorway)  $150


(Look closely and you will see the Wicked Witch and Gilda’s presence)

DHM’s limited edition “THE WIZARD OF OZ” fine art prints are officially Warner Bros licensed, hand numbered, screen prints measuring 18″ x 24″ with a quite nice touch of glitter embellishment to Dorothy’s ruby slippers by James Eads studio that will be personally printing and overseeing all editions.

All prints will be available this coming Tuesday, June 27th, at 12:30 PM PST exclusively via DHM’s dedicated store page here:

Dark Hall Mansion Banner

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Prince’s “Purple Rain” Deluxe & Deluxe Expanded Edition Available Now

NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records release Prince’s Academy Award® and GRAMMY Award®-winning RIAA diamond-certified masterpiece Purple Rain in new Deluxe and Deluxe – Expanded Edition formats.
Upon going live last night, Purple Rain Deluxe and Deluxe – Expanded Edition immediately soared to the Top 10 of iTunes Overall Top Albums, Top Soundtrack Albums, and Top Pop Albums charts worldwide. It’s currently holding strong in the Top 10 of iTunes charts in XX countries.
The Deluxe and Deluxe – Expanded Edition were preceded by the release of three previously unheard anthems-“Electric Intercourse,” “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden,” and “Father’s Song.” In just a month, “Electric Intercourse” quickly approached 1 million Spotify streams. Meanwhile, each respective track would immediately draw critical praise right out of the gate.
About “Electric Intercourse,” Pitchfork wrote, “The studio version is Prince in his prime, striding between lanes like it’s nothing at all,” and Spin claimed, “It’s worth it just for the pristine escalation of Prince’s falsetto.”Meanwhile, Rolling Stone praised how “[‘Our Destiny’] deftly segues into Prince’s ‘Roadhouse Garden,’ an upbeat track that sports a gentle synth melody, a simple programmed beat and a call-and-response chorus.”Variety adds, “‘Our Destiny,’ sung by keyboardist Lisa Coleman, is a string-driven romp that sounds like a song from a musical, with a playful, flowery melody and a whimsical middle section. At the three-minute mark, the familiar electronic drumbeat from Prince’s early ’80s material kicks in and the group shifts into ‘Roadhouse Garden,’ sung by Prince with an almost gospel flavor.”
The two-CD Purple Rain Deluxe set includes the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes from the soundtrack, presenting an unheard vision of the album overseen and sanctioned by Prince himself. The From The Vault & Unreleased disc boasts eleven gems unearthed from the heart of Prince’s storied vault.

Six tracks that have never been released or distributed in the collector or bootleg community include: “Possessed” – the ’83 Prince solo version, never heard before; “Electric Intercourse” – the studio version not known to exist before it was discovered at Paisley Park; “Father’s Song” – a full, five plus minute version that prior to this fans could only find a minute and half snippet of in the movie; “We Can Fuck” – a track that has never circulated as the full, 10 minute version with these lyrics; and “Katrina’s Paper Dolls” – a finished master of the song, which has previously only circulated as a demo. Additionally, all of the material is taken from the source and mastered by Bernie Grundman, the mastering engineer who worked on the original album.
In addition to the Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster) and From The Vault & Unreleased, the Purple Rain Deluxe – Expanded Edition presents a third disc of Single Edits & B-Sides, as well as the concert DVD of Prince and The Revolution Live! at the Carrier Dome Syracuse, NY March 30, 1985. With audio and video restored from the original production master tape, it offers an exclusive vignette into the passion and power of his legendary live performances during one of the artist’s most celebrated eras.
The DNA of Purple Rain can be felt throughout pop culture at large. It is a timeless body of work with an immortal resonance exemplified by smashes such as “Let’s Go Crazy,” “When Doves Track,” “Darling Nikki,” the title track “Purple Rain,” and more. 1984’s Purple Rain remains a high watermark for Prince, changing the worlds of film and music. In its initial run, the theatrical musical generated over $220 million worldwide at the box office against an estimated $7.2 million budget, while receiving the Academy Award® for “Best Original Song Score.” Minted Diamond by the RIAA for sales exceeding 13 million, the record stands out as the sixth best-selling soundtrack album in history, moving more than 22 million copies. Hailed by Vanity Fair as “the best soundtrack of all time,” Time Magazine placed it as the 15th greatest album ever. Posthumously, it was honored as “Favorite Soundtrack” at the 2016 American Music Awards. The album won two 19985 GRAMMY Awards® in the categories of “Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” and “Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special.” Posthumously, it was honored as “Favorite Soundtrack” at the 2016 American Music Awards. It was also recently nominated for a 2017 Billboard Music Award in the Top Category of “Top Soundtrack/Cast Album.”
The ultimate vision of Prince’s Purple Rain arrives today.


Below is the complete tracklist for both editions
Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

1.     Let’s Go Crazy

2.     Take Me With U

3.     The Beautiful Ones

4.     Computer Blue

5.     Darling Nikki

6.     When Doves Cry

7.     I Would Die 4 U

8.     Baby I’m A Star

9.     Purple Rain

Disc Two: From The Vault & Previously Unreleased

1.     The Dance Electric

2.     Love and Sex

3.     Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version)

4.     Electric Intercourse (studio)

5.     Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden

6.     Possessed (1983 version)

7.     Wonderful Ass

8.     Velvet Kitty Cat

9.     Katrina’s Paper Dolls

10.  We Can Fu*k

11.  Father’s Song

Includes Disc One and Disc Two as Listed Above
Disc Three: Single Edits & B-Sides

1.     When Doves Cry (edit)

2.     17 Days

3.     Let’s Go Crazy (edit)

4.     Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)

5.     Erotic City

6.     Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”) 

7.     Purple Rain (edit)

8.     God

9.     God (Love Theme From Purple Rain)

10.  Another Lonely Christmas

11.  Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)

12.  I Would Die 4 U (edit)

13.  I Would Die 4 U (extended version)

14.  Baby I’m A Star (edit)

15.  Take Me With U (edit)

DVD: Prince And The Revolution, Live at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30, 1985

1.     Let’s Go Crazy

2.     Delirious

3.     1999

4.     Little Red Corvette

5.     Take Me With U

6.     Do Me, Baby

7.     Irresistible Bitch

8.     Possessed

9.     How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?

10.  Let’s Pretend We’re Married

11.  International Lover

12.  God

13.  Computer Blue

14.  Darling Nikki 

15.  The Beautiful Ones

16.  When Doves Cry

17.  I Would Die 4 U

18.  Baby I’m A Star

19.  Purple Rain

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Marvel Legacy Begins This September

Get ready for a new dawn True Believers — one whose rays will touch every corner of the Marvel Universe in the days to come! Tomorrow, get ready for the return of what you’ve been longing for — and more! Prepare for the debut of MARVEL LEGACY!


“A new initiative that will take things back to our iconic history, with a firm eye on the future, MARVEL LEGACY will present stories that remind everyone — newcomers and longtime fans alike — why Marvel stands as the premier name in fiction,” said Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. “Our titles will unearth gems from Marvel’s rich history, remind readers of connections between characters, and usher in the return of some major characters who’ve been missed.  Above all else, we want to inject our comics with a massive dose of fun!”


Kicking off this September with MARVEL LEGACY #1, an over-sized 50-page, one-shot special, Marvel Comics titles step towards a bright new future – one that harkens back to what has made Marvel a household name while looking towards tomorrow. With fun and thrilling reveals primed to excite fans, both existing and new, this fall, prepare for MARVEL LEGACY!


Marvel Legacy 001

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Factory Entertainment’s “1966 Batcave” Is Hands-Down Our Favorite San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Factory Entertainment is pulling on our heartstrings with one of their San Diego Comic Con exclusives this year.  Based on the incredible 1966 Batman TV series, (starring the beloved Adam West….R.I.P.) they are releasing a Batcave desktop sculpture that is simply one of the BEST Batman collectibles we have ever seen.  Here is the official breakdown from Factory Entertainment.

(sorry kids, Batmobile not included)

TO THE BATCAVE! Those three words evoke one of the most memorable interior locations in pop culture. Batman’s sanctuary, his base of operations, the nerve center of his activities – a mysterious subterranean lair that is equal-parts forbidding and exciting. 

The Batcave has enjoyed many iterations over the years, both in print and on screen. One of the most enduring and iconic was the version that featured in the classic 1966 Batman TV series.

Now, at long last, we are proud to offer our fellow Bat-fans the opportunity to own a scaled version of our favorite location!

Because of the many variations in the Batcave seen on screen, our model does not attempt to duplicate a particular arrangement from a given episode or a specific scene.  Rather it replicates the “feel” of the Batcave set as it is most commonly seen. The inclusion of movable elements allows you to customize the look of the cave around a core group of fixed parts, including the prominent ’atomic pile,’ which are presented in their most common positions.
The classic Batman TV series Batcave was a riot of color, with a uniquely 1960’s atheistic.  Each model contains more than 16 LED lights, in a variety of hues, both fixed and animated, that bring the Batcave to life, including:

  • Hidden floor lights, to emulate the large floodlights with colored gels that were used on set.
  • A pulsating color change effect inside the Atomic Core.
  • Flashing lights in select monitors and screens.

This model is not a static piece; it features a host of moving parts including:

  • A turntable that can be manually rotated.
  • Selected movable furniture that allows you to dress the set as you prefer.
  • A faux rock door panel in the entrance tunnel that can be removed to allow access entry by the Batmobile. (Batmobile model not included).

At 18″ x 14″ x 9″ and weighing over 20 pounds, we’re sure this collectible will make a statement!

EVERY time we look at this thing we want it more….and more…..AND MORE!  This is a numbered, limited edition collectible so if you want it, you better preorder it because we have a feeling, once they go to SDCC, this thing will be gone before you know it.

CLICK HERE to preorder yours from



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We Can’t Stop Watching Jeremy Pailler’s Music Video For Jesse Wood’s “Smoke Machine”

Before yesterday we had not heard of Jesse Woods but since we watched his new music video for the song “Smoke Machine,” we have already set up a Jesse Woods station on Pandora and we can’t get enough.  (His new album “Autoflower” drops on August 25th and we can’t WAIT!)

The song is enchanting and the video by French artist Jeremy Pailler is absolutely phenomenal.  You can read more about it over on the Poster Posse’s official website and watch the video below.


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