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Meze 11 Deco Earphones Sound As Great As They Look

Meze is a luxury lifestyle audio brand that delivers sensational looking and sounding  headphones and earphones. (Come on people, the term “earbud” is so 2004!)  By combining high-end technology and style with quality materials and good craftsmanship they have come … Continue reading

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EverDock Isn’t Picky About Which Device It Charges

EverDock isn’t picking sides when it comes to which device it will charge and that’s pretty refreshing.  In fact not only is it compatible with both Android and iOS devices but it is designed to support virtually any tablet or … Continue reading

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Check Out iHome’s Latest Bluetooth Party Favor, The iBT4 Boombox

Summer is upon us and that means backyard BBQs, beach days and hanging out on your deck drinking a frosty pop with your friends.  The only thing you need to make things perfect other than burgers, hot dogs, beverages and … Continue reading

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Photojojo Presents – The Bobine: A Phone Charger And A Tripod All In One

The folks at Photojojo have a knack for knowing what you need.  Ya gotta charge your phone and from the incredible amount of photos pouring into sites like Instagram and Pinterest, ya gotta get a holder for when you take … Continue reading

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Introducing The Google Nexus Q

Android owners who have been envious and coveting the streaming capabilities of Apple TV now have their own device to rejoice over.  Apple may have their little black box but Google has a little black ball.  They are touting it … Continue reading

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Sound Stack by Soundfreaq: An Impressive Bluetooth Speaker Dock

Soundfreaq designs esthetically pleasing and incredible sounding Bluetooth devices for your favorite gadgets in wireless world.  The Sound Stack is sure to impress.  It’s designed for audiophiles and enjoyed by everyone who hear its premium sound. Stream audio wirelessly from … Continue reading

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