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Artist SG Posters Ponders The Infinite Expanse Of Space With 3 New Posters

No matter what you call it, “alternative movie posters,” “fan art,” “tribute art,” etc. fans of film and pop culture in general are craving everything and anything poster related that has to do with their favorite properties.  (Trust me, I’m … Continue reading

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Nakatomi Inc. Announces Their First Print From Comic Book Writer/Artist, Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan jumped into the comic book scene back in 2003 with “Channel Zero: Jennie One.”  Since then she has worked with the likes of: Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, DC Comics/ Vertigo, Marvel Comics and self published several comics … Continue reading

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Fringe Focus Gives Us An Anti Spy Device That’s Infinitely Better Than ANYTHING We Got From The Backs Of Comic Books When We Were Growing Up

Remember reading comics as a kid and then in the middle or back of the book there were adds where you could buy sea horses, x-ray specs, or even get a book by Charles Atlas that stated, “Let me PROVE … Continue reading

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Artist Interview: Erin Gallagher Is A Cat Loving, Olly Moss Admiring NYC Artist Who Has A Penchant For Making Up Words

For Blurppy’s second Poster Posse Project I wanted to bring in some new talent to compliment the Original 8 members.  I was fortunate enough to come across Erin Gallagher’s work and was excited when she jumped on board.  (She must … Continue reading

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Artist Interview: Marko Manev Loves Star Wars, Metal Gear Games And Kevin Smith

Artist Marko Manev was born the year after I graduated from High School and he hails from Skopje, Macedonia.  He’s a conceptual mixed-media artist, graphic designer & illustrator and his work is really starting to get noticed.  Blurppy was fortunate … Continue reading

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Artist JP Valderrama Wants To Make You A Superhero…

Yesterday on TUMBLR, artist JP Valderrama shared his latest commission piece.  Here is what JP had to say about the project: “One of my clients requested to have her friend drawn in Spiderman’s costume and asked if I can make … Continue reading

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