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Take A Look At Some Exclusive Photos From “The Art Of Ken Taylor” Solo Show At Mondo Gallery

Ken Taylor just finished his solo show, “The Art of Ken Taylor“, at Mondo and as expected, he didn’t disappoint.  Taylor is one of the most collected and beloved artists working these days so you can only imagine fervor surrounding … Continue reading

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If You Haven’t Booked Your Tickets To Austin, Texas For Laurent Durieux’s Solo Show At Mondo, Youuuuuu May Want To Change That

When Mondo first announced the upcoming solo show for Laurent Durieux at their LA Mondo Mystery Movie screening, the place when wild.  Well now images are starting to show up and to be rather frank with you, they are some … Continue reading

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It’s Coming……”Mondo-Con Austin”, We Don’t Know What It Is BUT… See You In Texas!

What a better way to start off the new year then with a mystery and what better source of said mystery then from the folks at Mondo.  Yesterday Justin Ishmael, Mondo’s Creative Director, teased what seems to be a rather … Continue reading

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Time To Book A Ticket To Austin, Texas! @MondoGallery Announces Solo Show For The Brilliant, #LaurentDurieux, February 2014

Mondo just held their MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE in Los Angeles last week and attendees were treated to the news that their gallery in Austin, Texas would be hosting a solo show for the gifted Belgium artist, Laurent Durieux.  Today, we … Continue reading

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Mondo To Release 2 Prints From Jay Shaw And Johnny Dombrowski For A Special Screening Of “Platoon” At Alamo Drafthouse

Oliver Stone’s incredible 1986 war film, “Platoon” has stood the test of time and features an outstanding cast including Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berrenger and Forest Whitaker.  Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, Texas will be doing a … Continue reading

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Let’s Help Harry Knowles Bring Ain’t It Cool News To Austin, Texas PBS

Everyone in Geekdome knows and loves writer/ film critic, Harry Knowles.  His website, Ain’t It Cool is chock full of pure awesomeness. Aside from THAT he is trying to get KLRU, the Austin, Texas PBS station to air his Ain’t … Continue reading

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