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Delve Into The Dark Knight Trilogy: “What’s Better…The Vehicles Or The Villains?”

This week we see the release of The Dark Knight Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Set from Warner Bros. and it caused us to ask the question, “What’s better….the vehicles or the villains?”  There is no denying that Nolan has secured … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises Available On Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download

“The Dark Knight Rises” arrives this holiday season onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download on December 4 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. In the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Gotham City is … Continue reading

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Watch This Awesome Version Of Batman & Catwoman Battling Bane In 1930’s Shanghai

If you are like BLURPPY you can never get enough Batman.  Take today for instance.  I am sitting at my computer hitting ‘REFRESH’ a million times in the hope of getting the JC Richard’s Batcave print from Mondo that we … Continue reading

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Pop Chart Lab Details All Of Gotham’s Evil-Doers

Pop Chart Lab has produced an impressive piece detailing all of Gotham’s baddies.  This massive taxonomy charts the hundreds of villains who have menaced Gotham City over the past 70 years, breaking down by name everyone from big time baddies … Continue reading

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DC Universe Brings Us An Animated Original Movie: ‘Justice League: Doom’

“I’ve carefully studied every Justice Leaguer, past and present, and created contingency plans to neutralize you should that become necessary.”  ~Batman to the Justice League The Justice League consists of Earth’s mightiest super heroes and protectors of humanity.  But in … Continue reading

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