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Pixar’s Brave Delivers A Humorous TV ‘Commercial’ Promoting “Witches Magical Mystery Brew”

Pixar has released a new film clip for  “Brave” in the form of a funny parody commercial for “Witches’ Magical Mystery Brew“. Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her … Continue reading

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Temple Run Brave: The Next Mega-Hit In Mobile Gaming

Brave is getting closer and closer and closer and with it, the anticipation is beginning to build to a fever pitch.  Now comes news that one of the most popular mobile games ever, Temple Run will be joining forces with … Continue reading

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Pixar Launches A Funny New Mock Ad for Brave Called ‘Kilt’

“Kilt” is a featurette for Brave that has some fun with the proud Scottish tradition of wearing “a small, plaid skirt.”   It asks the simple questions, “What makes a man feel like a man?” and  “Are you brave enough?”  The mock … Continue reading

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Pixar Unveils The Best Trailer Yet For Their Upcoming Fairy Tale: Brave

Pixar just doesn’t play fair and why should they?  When you are on top of the Hollywood heap it’s easy to look down on the rest and taunt everyone with desirable trailers.  Their latest trailer for Brave is a nice … Continue reading

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Pixar Releases A Brand New Trailer For ‘Brave’…

…in FRANCE!  Yesterday on its French YouTube channel, Disney posted some exciting new footage from its next Pixar entry/collaboration, Brave.  The subtitled trailer shows things from the protagonist Princess Merida’s point of view as she laments over the restrictive ways of “castle life.” … Continue reading

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New Character Images For Pixar’s BRAVE

Entertainment Weekly previewed some exclusive images for Pixar’s upcoming epic fairy tale, Brave.  This movie is still months away but we are SO ready to get in line to see it.  These images only increase our anticipation.  Let us know … Continue reading

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