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The Poster Posse Pays Homage To Marvel Studios / James Gunn’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2”

“They’re a group of heartbroken misfits whose lives have been bereft of tenderness and connection and who have a nearly impossible time trusting themselves or others. But they’re learning, one step at a time.” – James Gunn Sequels have a … Continue reading

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Enter To Win A VERY Rare Set Of Official “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Prints By Matt Ferguson

Earlier this year the Poster Posse did a massive project based on the #1 movie of the year, Marvel’s, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  (If you MISSED that project, you can see it HERE and HERE.  James Gunn loved it and … Continue reading

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Poster Posse Member Matt Ferguson Has Secretly Been Busy With Marvel UK & “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Last month the Poster Posse launched Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our “Guardians of the Galaxy” project.  Both phases received much praise from fans and websites around the world and even garnered the direct attention of the movie’s director, James … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Fantastic New Character Posters For “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Are Complete!

“A thief, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac” And as we wrote the title to this article, we couldn’t help wish that there were 3 more posters in the group, The Collector, Ronan The Accuser and Thanos!  That being … Continue reading

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Check Out The First Official Image For Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

On August 1st of 2014, Marvel will be introducing the world to what they hope is their next franchise film series, “Guardians Of The Galaxy.”  Up until now we have only seen concept images but Marvel is giving fans something … Continue reading

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Marvel Reveals Images For Their Guardians Of The Galaxy Trading Cards

With most of the cast for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy still not even cast yet, fans are feverishly waiting for more info about the project.  Marvel has just released 6 images of trading cards that will come out in … Continue reading

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