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Watch The Trailer For “Batman: Arkham VR” It Gave US Goosebumps!

#WearTheCowl Batman has long been our favorite comic book superhero and we have often wanted to know what it feels like to don the cape  and cowl and thwart evil.  Well Sony Playstation, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios … Continue reading

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Microsoft Makes Some Big Announcements At E3, Just Take My Money Already!

Yesterday, Microsoft jumped up on the stage at E3 and made some pretty big announcements.  They stunned fans with the announcement of not one but TWO new consoles that are on the way. The first one is a slimmer version of … Continue reading

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E3 Gives Us A Look At Studio MDHR’s Resplendent Retro Video Game “Cuphead”… And Now We Can’t WAIT Until 2015!

So by now you all know about “Cuphead.”  Wait…what?  What do you MEAN you don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well the game got folks attention at this years E3 convention and after seeing a VERY brief clip, I want … Continue reading

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E3 Leaves Us Craving The Highly Desireable Game From Activision & Bungie: “Destiny”

We are REALLY bummed that we didn’t make it to E3 this year because there is a cavalcade of insane games being previewed from ALL the companies.  Today we will give you a plethora of looks at one that absolutely … Continue reading

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E3 Gives Us A Look Behind The Scenes At “Star Wars: Battlefront”…Which Is A Bad Thing Because NOW It Is All We Can Think About!

“Do or do not… there is no try…” A wise person once told me, “you can never have enough Star Wars,” and I tend to agree with that.  (So long as Jar Jar and Ewoks are far removed.) Anyhow, yesterday … Continue reading

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Watch The Exclusive Trailer From E3 For LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

We first wrote about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes back in January and we were excited to learn more.  Now we have an exclusive trailer for the game from E3 and I am GEEKED to get this game and take down … Continue reading

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