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Turn Your Social Media Photos Into Cool Custom Books With Chatbooks

  People everywhere are addicted to social media.  We are CONSTANTLY taking and sharing photos and now there is an easy way to take all these images and make them into cool, collectible books. Chatbooks is an app that allows … Continue reading

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Russian Artist Ivan Belikov’s Take On Social Networks Is абсолютно удивительным !

Artist Ivan Belikov hails from Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation and is a freelance illustrator who is inspired by beasts, feathers and grass.  (Seriously, it says this on his official BEHANCE PAGE.)  As we were going through his Behance portfolio, we became … Continue reading

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You’re A Child Of The …?

That’s a good question.  I graduated High School in 1984 but the 70’s were a huge part of my youth.  What am I to do?  Well this new infographic from the folks over at Who Is Hosting This.com have provided us … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3’s Facebook Page Challenges You To “Unlock The Armors” NEW IMAGES!

They hype behind Iron Man 3 is at a fever pitch with fans clamoring for ANYTHING Stark related.  (And that’s just at MY house.)  One of the most popular things that has folks hyped is the new trailer featuring all … Continue reading

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Introducing Your Next Must Have Gadget – The Instagram Socialmatic Camera By ADR Studio

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera comes to us from the brilliant mind of   conceptional designer,  Antonio Pedrosa at ADR Studio.  After Facebook purchased Instagram for almost 1 billion dollars, fans, bloggers, economy experts  and others gave serious talks and expressed desires … Continue reading

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Do You Suffer From Facebook Fatigue?

Every time I stroll into Starbucks, my sushi spot or any other place that has a line I see everyone sucked into their phone or tablet typing away on Facebook.  Personally, I’m more of a Twitter guy but with over … Continue reading

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