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Poster Posse Member Timothy Anderson Has The Right Tools For The Job With His New Set Of Letterpress “Ghostbusters” Prints

When you say “Ghostbusters” what comes to mind?  For us it is the Ray Parker Jr. song, Bill Murray’s confident wise guy character and Rick Moranis being….Rick Moranis.  For some though, it’s the gadgets that are featured and Poster Posse … Continue reading

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Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of “Ghostbusters” With A Must-Have LEGO Cuusoo Set

The other day we showed you an awesome timed edition print for “Ghostbusters” over on Geek-Art by artist Maxime Crouzet.  Well given the fact that it is the 30th Anniversary of pop culture’s most beloved films you can expect a … Continue reading

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Geek-Art Announces A Gloriously Ghastly Print By Maxime Crouzet For “Ghostbusters”

The outstanding French art, design, illustration and pop culture site Geek-Art has just given fans an exclusive look at a new print by artist Maxime Crouzet.  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of pop culture’s most beloved films, Maxime … Continue reading

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Exclusive Artist Interview: Robert Bruno Brilliantly Balances His Obsession With Pop Culture With A Passion For Sports Illustration

We recently finished our latest Poster Posse Project and it has been called our “most diverse offering to date.” (It can be viewed HERE and HERE.)  As is customary with each project, we take some time to interview the newest … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview: Artist Mat Weller’s Work Is As Unique As How He Spells His First Name

Ok, we have another new Poster Posse member who turned in an awesome piece for our Pacific Rim project, his name… Mat Weller.  Mat is a designer from London and aside from his work showing up in our Poster Posse … Continue reading

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Artist Joshua Budich’s “Sistine Pop” Collection Is Going Fast!

Joshua Budich is a fearless artist.  He has tackled some of pop cultures biggest icons and the end result has been spectacular.  From Biggy and Tupac to Costanza, Eddie Vedder, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Bruce Lee and Super … Continue reading

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