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Oto Cycles Are The Vintage Styled Electric Bike You Have Been Looking For

More and more these days I’m seeing people of all ages cruising around on electric bikes.  Well a company out of Barcelona, Spain has given this new trendy breed of transportation a make over and the end result is severely … Continue reading

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Side Project Skateboards Gives Skateboarding A Vintage-Inspired, Recycled Alternative

Next time you head to the skate park or see some kids skating at the local strip mall take a look at their decks.  They are usually beaten, scuffed, covered in stickers and rough around the edges.  (FYI, that is … Continue reading

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Mike And Brad From Grain Surfboards Want To Teach You How To Build Your Own Sustainable Stick

Their project is simple enough: “To share the craft of wood board-building with the West we need a truck we can sleep in, towing a trailer/mobile classroom.” Making it a reality though is going to take your help.  This is … Continue reading

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Fielder’s Choice Goods – Repurposing America’s Pastime One Glove At A Time

The other morning I was having a power meeting at Starbucks with one of the owners of The Furlough Project.  He was discussing some cool projects that they had lined up for the prolific East Coast type foundry, House Industries … Continue reading

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Lazerwood: Stylize Your iPhone, Apple TV or Beats Headphones With Wood

Now available for iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple TV and Beats Headphones, Lazerwood cases are designed to adhere solidly to your gadget, without any damage, and are easily removable. Using the warmth and beauty of real wood veneer, the cases … Continue reading

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