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Watch Episode 3 Of “Alana: Surfer Girl” And Face Fear With Only 2 Words…Shark Cage

Back in 1975 I did something that would pretty much scar me for life.  At the ripe old age of 9, I watch Steven Spielberg’s iconic classic, saltwater horror, Jaws.  Since then the words “We’re going to need a bigger … Continue reading

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I Want To…

…swim in the Swiss Alps… …let them indulge… …pump up the jams… …cast stones and watch them skip… …be the King of this castle… …see if I can get this thing up to 88 MPH… …make this MY grotto… …have … Continue reading

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I Want To…

snuggle up with Totoro… …travel from the comfort of my living room… …embrace great responsibility… …engage the enemy…   …get lost in Hawaii… …have a clear perspective on the important things… …rough it in the wild for awhile… …”stay on … Continue reading

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Network A Brings You Episode 3 Of The Highly Addiciting, Guilty Pleasure – “Alana: Surfer Girl”

With Kauai being my favorite spots on the planet and Alana’s perfect smile lighting up the screen, Network A’s web series, Alana: Surfer Girl has become quite a hit around the office and everywhere else that has a computer.  We … Continue reading

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Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard Explores Paradise With Her Friends In: Alana – Surfer Girl (Episode 2)

Beauty has a way of finding beauty.  Such is the case with Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard and her home base of Kauai, Hawaii.  Network A has just released episode 2 of their series with Alana that features the pro surfer … Continue reading

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Watch A Sneak Peak of Alana Blanchard’s New TV Show – Alana: Surfer Girl

Starting October 29th journey into paradise with the girls of Kauai in a new web series staring Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard called Alana: Surfer Girl.  The folks at Network A and 8 Side Productions are starting the 6-part web series that … Continue reading

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