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Depending on who you are buying for and how much you want to spend, these next items will absolutely put a smile on the faces of those that receive them.  Here are a few gadgets for your listening pleasure. Sound … Continue reading

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JBL’s Synchros Headphone Series Has Something For Everyone

JBL wants to introduce you to their Synchros line of  headphones.  There are 5 different offerings (S100, S200, S300, S500 and S700) with each one delivering pristine sound like you have come to expect from JBL products.  Take a look … Continue reading

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Colette Is Taking Over This Summer With Signature Collaborations On Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and Sunglasses

Paris boutique powerhouse, Colette is always offering some of the best collaborations across many different product types and these three are no exception.  Next up are collabs with Dr Dre Beats Headphones , Jawbone bluetooth wireless speakers and Sunpocket. Colette … Continue reading

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SkullCandy Brings Kate Upton Back In The Mix For Part 2 Of Bring A Supermodel To Work Featuring Big Boi and Stevie Johnson

Last May we wrote about Episode 1.  NO, NOT STAR WARS, Episode 1 of Take A Supermodel To Work.  Newly signed Skullcandy spokesperson Kate Upton was the centerpiece and it stared Kevin Durant and James Harden.  Well here we are … Continue reading

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Looking For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Zing Revolution Has You Covered…Literally

Each year, February 14th strikes fear into the hearts of boyfriends, husbands and others as they scramble to find a unique, special gift for their significant other on that special day called Valentine’s Day.  Well take a deep breath and … Continue reading

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Sol Republic: Headphones And Earbuds For The Soundtrack Of Life

It’s no secret that we have been addicted to the Olympics and a big part of this obsession is Michael Phelps.  He has cemented his place in Olympic history and given us plenty to talk about.  One thing I noticed … Continue reading

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